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Hanannie Day | 12


  Hanannie Banner by Yamio 
Day 12  
Morpho Zephrytis|Hydrangea macrophylla

       Morpho Zephrytis by Yamio  Hydrangea macrophylla by Yamio 

Blessing names: Morpho Zephrytis|Hydrangea macrophylla
How many Blessings: 2
Raritiy: Uncommon
Eyes: Uncommon Hydrangea shaped
Description of blessings and Annie: 
The morpho zephrytis is of the genus Morpho, among 29 species and 147 subspecies. They specifically reside in Bolivia and Peru, neotropical areas.
Many butterfly species belonging to the Morpho genus have blue, purple and green iridescent wings through structural coloration, rather than pigmentation.
Their wings have many minuscule scales that reflect light to achieve this iridescence.
At other angles, the color of the wings actually have a solid uniformity, but because of the diamond structure of their scales,
we are able to see them in different colors.

Hydrangeas are a genus of flower that includes 70-75 different species, and the H. Macrophylla is native to Japan.
These plants tend to thrive in Summer and Autumn, and come in colors of blue and pink.  It is cultivated in many regions of the world under different climatic circumstances.
Macrophylla is a term used to indicate this species' long leaves. Hydrangeas are known symbolically for a variety of things, depending on its color.
Blue specifically is a symbol for frigidity and apology. As a whole, hydrangeas have a wide range of meanings, that typically involve emotions;
In Japanese legend, they are mainly associated with apology.
Victorians saw hydrangeas in a darker perspective, believing them to be symbols of vanity and boastfulness.
They were given to those who showed no interest in love, as a hint towards their coldness.

This Annie is rather shy and apologetic, however she is sometimes blunt and quick to judge. She always takes back her negative thoughts in the hopes that others will come to see her light side. Although beautifully radiant, she sometimes wishes not to stand out too much as she knows that others can also be somewhat judging. What if she appears to be the type to boast and feed her vanity? Inside, she only wants to make strong relationships with others.

SB:  100$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 700$

 Auction end after 72H.
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Holi, estoy haciendo comisiones y me preguntaba si alguien estaría interesado.
Yamio's avatar
Me no hablo Español.

If you are asking for a commission in this style, you have to contact the maker of this piece Kanekiru! ♥
Berryzem's avatar
Ahhh I've been really excited for today! I love how the wings on the bottom can be interpreted as the actual wings or a part of the outfit. The diamond style goes so well with the description too. It's like this was destined to be drawn by Kane Th Th060. Of course I adore the analogous color scheme, but I want to take a moment to appreciate the hair! Those wispy curls are just wonderful! Beautiful job, Kane! >//////////< 
Pastelfluffcake's avatar
Do you do free commissions?
Yamio's avatar
Commission and free is two opposite things ahaha.
No, I don't do requests, sorry! ♥
TaitRochelle's avatar
She is so beautiful :o wish i had the money to buy her
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Kawaii-Says-Meow's avatar
This Annie's one of my favourites! Beautiful! OwO
JapanZelda's avatar
Niaaah, I love her hair style! <3
rce-ordinary's avatar
i really love the design of this one, as well as the colors and the softness!
Wickad's avatar
Gorgeous! I love the watercolor effect!
Cortni-Whitney's avatar
*faints from cuteness overload* Eeee every time i see your art it fills me with happyness
01nu's avatar
I looove how soft this is T_T The flowers under the dress is such a cute idea too :heart:
lily3090's avatar
Wow! So beautiful <333
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This colors are beautiful~
kikkidream's avatar
Such a beauty, bless kanes hand 
groenii's avatar
Omg absolutely gorgeous!
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So pretty design! Colorful and shy bab! uwu
rollingpoly's avatar
Bid here
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