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Hanannie 2020 | Day 5|1

Object  bunny

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Day 5|1
White-browed tit-warbler by AnniverseStash Mini Rex by AnniverseStash Blanket Octopus by AnniverseStash

Blessing Name: White-browed tit-warbler [Leptopoecile sophiae] | Mini Rex [Oryctolagus cuniculus] | Blanket Octopus [Tremoctopus]
How Many Blessings: 3
Rarity: Super Rare
Eyes: Glowing flower-shaped pupils

Description of Blessings and Annie: 

The white-browed tit-warbler (Leptopoecile sophiae) is a bird like no other. 
It’s got pretty colours, eyebrows on fleek, and a ridiculous name. It is resident
in the Tian Shan and central china as well as in the Himalayas where it is mainly
found in winter. Its natural habitat is the boreal forests. The genus name,
Leptopoecile, comes from Greek leptos, which means "slender" or "delicate".

The small size, plush coat and friendly personalities of Mini Rex (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
rabbits make them one of the most popular rabbit breeds in the united states. The 
originality of this breed lies in its coat which is much shorter than that of the
ordinary rabbit, it is soft like velvet and hypoallergenic. The mini-rex rabbit
has a compact body. On the behaviour side, the mini-rex rabbit acts very
much like a dog. They love human contact and are very affectionate to 
those they grow attached to. ♥

Aside from their magnificent and captivating colours, Blanket Octopus
(Tremoctopus) get their name from sheets of webbing that stretch 
between some of their arms. When threatened, they stretch their
arms out, creating a blanket-like silhouette meant to frighten
would-be attackers away. They are always in the open ocean—
in the atlantic and pacific oceans, as well as in info-pacific waters—
and so never rest on the seafloor.

Day 5|1 by AnniverseStash

Optional Personality:

Despite her grand appearance, this Annie is quite shy! You will often find her ears
perked straight up in constant alert, as she gets quite anxious when meeting new
people. She sometimes feels like due to her rarity, she has a certain ''image'' to 
uphold, and tries her best to be as graceful and live up to those expectations.
However, if you ever bring up art around this Annie, just know she'll talk your
ear off! Sketching, Pottery, Watercolor, anything artistic will get stars in her
eyes! She loves painting, and uses the ink her octopus blessing to do so
whenever she pleases. Her two bunny companions ( made out of paint of course !)
follow her around wherever she goes, leaving blotches of paint here and there. 
Sometimes getting carried away in her ramblings, she sometimes forgets the
weight of her brush, which results in her getting knocked down by it, or 
tripping over it. After something like this, her fragile pride takes a blow,
so make sure to tell her its all right! ♥

SB: 350$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 750$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

Hanannie Calendar by AnniverseStash

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She looks so soft and she's so pretty with all her colors QUQ

I love her; looking at this makes me happy

Berryzem's avatar

The colors alone are enough to make me SWOOOON! Yamato Cute Shy Blush Icon

Good gracious, you two! You did not pull any punches! It's funny how long it took for me to notice the big brush because I kept staring at her outfit! X'D The bows in particular are beautifully knotted and I can see the attention to color placement. Wow!

The little painted bunny companions are also just so darn cute! I love, love, LOVE the idea of using magic like that in Anniverse! The browns from her bunny blessing are a really cool stroke of contrast for the overall composition as well. It's really neat how you guys pulled that off! Awesome job!

RiDraww's avatar
LittleAleu's avatar

This young lady shouts out elegances and class! Her more traditional design is very alluring to me. Her bright colors, although hard to see add to her designs charm! It brings out her dark hair which is really exciting to me personally! You two did an excellent job with her design and details! Keep up the amazing work bbys!!! ♥♥♥

TheOGBurrito's avatar

thank you jay !! huhu i really loved the whole paint in her hair / wings idea and im soso glad you guys liked it too!!2018YupiANanEmote013

CocaLienToh's avatar

She is definitely one of the most colorful Annies from this event and I like this ! As an artist who loves vivid colors I'm so happy !!

She has a nice clothing that makes her unique and inspiring, especially with the paintbrush ! The shading and the color technique makes this character peaceful and soft and the contrast with the hair color is so pretty and well balanced !! I find this idea of an artist Annie pretty interesting and it represents the community of Anniverse so well, creative, wholesome and peaceful ! Continue to do great things Burrito ! I love your art and it inspires me with this wonderful painting technique and those well chosen colors with a little bit of creamy cute tone !

TheOGBurrito's avatar

oml such a detailed comment.. these really make my day !! I'm just wow i don't know what to say I'm speechless !! IM BLUSHING AKSJCNAKC TT///TT!! the fact that you think she represents anniverse well is such an honor !!! AND ME INSPIRIGN U ?? STOP IM GONNA CRYYCRRYYYY TYSM BB

CocaLienToh's avatar
I was saying what I really think,, but I'm happy to see you happy,,, you're a wonderful artist and aaa jfjdjs
Milavana's avatar

Waahh she is absoluetly gorgeous! <3 I absolutely love all the colors so much, the idea of the paint-theme in general is so good, too! She's such a colorful and pretty baby <3 The wings are absolutely beautiful, the paint dropping from her wings and on the tip of the brush is so well drawn ahh ; v ;

I love that she's holding a giant a brush and that she's drawing rabbits like hh. Such an adorable concept and her outfit is stunning <3

One of my favorites from this event, you both did amazing! <3

TheOGBurrito's avatar

KJNACKSC MILA UR SO SWEET OH GOSH !! Her colors were an absolute blast to work with !! Blending all the different shades together was really relaxing ?? Despite taking forever, her wings were really funajkcsnac oml tysm 2017YupiANanEmote002

Shi-Gure's avatar

Oh wow!! She is so beautiful! The colours are so stunning.. and her design, wow Kao Emoji-74 (That's impossible) [V4]

I don't have proper words too say...

I love how it was painted, her face is so sweet and the hair look incredible as well, her pose is so cool and the little paint bunnies!! They're so cute!!

OH and the wings! They look so gorgeous QwQ

Amazing work to the two designers! Kao Emoji-11 (Sneaky) [V1]

TheOGBurrito's avatar

OH GOSH TYSM !! it was a lot of fun coming up with more ideas that relate to the whole paint theme !! Im so glad you like her !!! youre to sweet bb 2018YupiANanEmote010

JapanZelda's avatar

She's too pretty, my god!! Wow!

rce-ordinary's avatar

oooh this one is exquisite. i really love the vibrant, rainbow colors here, and the giant paintbrush really compliments her. the wings are beautiful as well! fantastic job!

TheOGBurrito's avatar

thank you so much !! we had such a blast adding in the paint aspects of her design !!2015YupiANanEmote003

magnifique-mort's avatar

oh goodness she's gorgeous just,, her wings?? the colors and the way they're dripping?? beautiful?? that's just, that is such a lovely design element and so perfect for an annie that paints. and then her outfit! the matching colors and the bows!! i really love her!

TheOGBurrito's avatar

EEE MORT UR SO NICE !! i think the whole paint / dripping aspect is my fav thing about her !! it was just so much fun blending the bright colors with her clothes or wings !! thank you so much !!2018YupiANanEmote027

kittengeist's avatar

ani queen collab is iconic. i love the soft, pastel colors she has and how cool the wings are. like, for real. the wings are amazing!!

TheOGBurrito's avatar

thank you so much teal !! honestly, i have a love hate relationship with the wings...... they were a pain and took forever but... so fun???AKCJNAC thank you2018YupiANanEmote002

Njaesen's avatar

Wow this is so gorgeous! I love it so much!

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