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Hanannie 2020 | Day 3|2

Object  bunny

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Day 3|2
Netherland Dwarf by AnniverseStash

Blessing Name: Netherland Dwarf
How Many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common Round

Description of Blessings and Annie: 

Netherland Dwarf’s are a small, highly energetic breed of rabbit.
They generally weigh around 2.5lbs, and they have short erect ears
and can be found in many colors. Being as small as they are, and
with such high energy levels, it is common for them to exhibit
aggression. If choosing a Netherland Dwarf as a pet or for show
purposes, it is suggested to choose wisely, especially if the bunny
is intended for a child.

Day 3|2 by AnniverseStash

Optional Personality:

Even if this friendly Annie looks small at first glance, there is a lot in her. 
Because of her never-ending energy, she is always on the move. She takes
her appearance very seriously and loves all the beautiful fluffy things that 
surround her. She loves to play with water. Only this can give her the 
energy of flow she needs. Sometimes, however, little things can 
infuriate her... only a good carrot can help.

SB: 180$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 400$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

Hanannie Calendar by AnniverseStash

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peachyglxss's avatar
dandelionjewel's avatar

so cuteee. i love her hairrr 🥰

twisan's avatar

Aww kawaii ^^

YellowTheDragon's avatar
LMae-Doodles's avatar

This is so very adorable! I love it! <3

Berryzem's avatar

Awwwh she's so sweet! I like the lace around her hair buns~ >w< and her boots are so darn cute! This is another reason why I wish for Annie shoes to exist irl so I could just buy them X'D. The blue streak of hair on her bangs is a cool touch I didn't notice the first time I saw this Annie. The water effects and the optional story with her enjoying playing in the water is such an endearing detail, too! Awesome job, you two ♥

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

Thank you so much dear! Sometimes I really wish that the shoes would exist,too! :-D

Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

LittleAleu's avatar

this absolutely alluring girl comes in with all her stunning blues and takes my breath away each time I see her! She has tons of details and some that I haven't yet seen! Her pose adds so much to her presentations making her seem charming and even more of a keeper ~ Keep up the amazing work you two!! ♥♥♥

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

Wahhh! Q////Q Thanks a lot! I really love drawing details...and this is even a bit less then expected :-D Haha.

CocaLienToh's avatar

I love the character design, those colors and shadows are done well ! And the blue colors are making her done well, especially on the hair and the dress ! I hope I'll see her on fanarts/commissions, it would be interesting to see this character from other artists too ~

Maybe you should put a little bit more of yellow/orange to give it more peps and to make her more unique ?

Anyways I love her design and she is cute and mysterious, both at once uwu ❤️

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

Thanks a ot to your for your nice words!! I cant wait to see her drawn by others,too! Its a good idea to give her some more yellow/orange then! She already has some small accents but as chibi they are not good seen Q//Q

magnifique-mort's avatar

oh she's so sweet and magical looking! i really love the design of her top and how it's off the shoulder straps with a vest like that's just really nice. and her hairstyle is lovely! the little half buns and waves and the way the ponytails coming off of the buns are tied together is so unique and cool!

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

AWW UWU THANK YOU! I really hoped someone will notice that the hair is coming together at some tails! Its pretty hard to see ´cause of the coloration, but you noticed! o///o Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]

kittengeist's avatar

OOOOOOO i love this girl!! the cool colors, the confident soft air, the water droplets around her! she's all around gorgeous!

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

Thanks a lot Kittengeist! We defenatly need more watermagic girls here :-D

Poly-peptide's avatar

Congrats on your debut Umeboshi!! (If I'm wrong I'm so sorry ;-;)

The two of you did amazing on this girl and I love how you did the water and all the little highlights ourlining her hair strands and the different layers of her dress!!

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

NAww!! Q///Q Thanks a lot to you! Its really my first Annie and I had a lot of fun drawing her together with Oncha :-D

I´m happy to hear you like her <3<3 Cant wait to draw more in future!

shelselle's avatar

I love how well your styles merged, she looks amazing her outfit is so detailed 😭❤💕 I’m really obsessed with her sleeves especially, so unique! 🥰

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

Shelselle Q/////Q THANK YOU!! Its means a lot to me hearing that from you! Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1]

TheOGBurrito's avatar

Oncha and Ume !! a collab i never knew i needed till now !! The water is so well shaded oml... and i adore her cool color scheme !! She truly is unique !! You guys did amazing2015YupiANanEmote004

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

YOure sooo swet!! Thanks so much :-D It was really a lot of fun drawing here, even it was pretty exciting since shes my first Annie and Collab so ^///^ I´m happy to hear you like her ~ *Free Icon/Emote* Molang (I Love It!)

Shimmering-Nibs's avatar

Ohhhh ma gosh art gods perfection collab owo

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

Thank youuu Q////Q

BabyPippo's avatar

I adore the charming details in this Annie!

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