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Hanannie 2020 | 6|1

Object  bunny


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Day 6|1
Annamite Striped Rabbit by AnniverseStash Regent Honeyeater by AnniverseStash Gympie Gympie by AnniverseStash

Blessing Name: Annamite striped rabbit [Nesolagus timminsi] | Regent Honeyeater [Anthochaera phrygia] | Gympie Gympie [Dendrocnide moroides]
How Many Blessings: 3
Rarity: Super Rare
Eyes: Glowing Moon

Description of Blessings and Annie: 

The Annamite Striped Rabbit is native to the norther region of the Annamite mountain range. 
They typically live in rainforests and are active mostly at night. Because of their short limbs,
they are poor burrowers forcing them to rest in burrows made by other animals. They are
also poor runners due to this.

The Regent Honeyeater got its name from the main source of the food: the nectar of a 
eucalyptus tree despite being a forager-type animal. They live in dry woodland areas. 
Its breeding season corresponds with the flowering season of both the eucalyptus 
tree and mistletoe.

The Gympie Gympie plant goes by many names including stinging brush, mulberry-leaved
stinger, gympie gympie, gympie, gympie stinger, stinger, the suicide plant, or moonlighter.
They are easily spotted by their very large heart shaped leaves dressed in tiny white
stingers and sometimes the fruit they bear, which are small, mullberry-like and juicy.
Touching any part of this plant is dangerous; the stingers can cause lasting stinging
sensations in the body for up to 1-2 hours per day, recurring everyday getting 
gradually less and less painful as the year goes by. The sensations worsen
when affected areas are submerged in water or experience and change in
temperature. Sometimes the sensation is so unbearable that people may
end up killing themselves.

Day 6|1 by AnniverseStash

Optional Personality:

An Annie cursed to never know the gentle touch of his lover. Sensitive and affectionate at 
heart, he poses as a good candidate for a happy and long-lasting relationship. Yet his
poisonous skin won't allow him true happiness. One touch of his skin can put anyone
in an immense amount of pain for days to come, potentially killing them if severe
enough. Forgetting this could happen, he had accidentally embraced his previous
lover strongly. Instead of sending his emotions he sent shockwaves of pain 
throughout their body. The pain was too much to handle; with in a few says,
the lover took their life to end the pain. Since that incident he's been 
traumatized to never seek love again, forcing him to change his 
demeanor to ward away potential partners. He's avoided and 
oftentimes broken the hearts of many who had even the
tiniest interest in him. His attitude became just as sharp
as his words and eventually he sought isolation. He 
began to believe he had no right to love if all he'd
do is cause pain, no matter how kind or caring he
was. It was better if he'd died alone. Until.........?

6|1 Extra by AnniverseStash

SB: 350$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 750$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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He be the angel descending from heaven with beautifu wings and harp!

I swear Atlas you just make so many amazing Annies aaaaaaaaaa

I love them all so much, including this one.