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Hanannie 2019 | Day 4|2

Hanannie 2019 by AnniverseStash
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Day 4|2

Malayan Sun Bear by AnniverseStash
Blessing names:  Malayan Sun Bear
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common round
Description of blessings and Annie: 
Also known as the Malaysian Sun Bear and the Honey Bear, the Sun Bear has a number of distinctive features,
 most notably the orange U-shaped marking on its chest from which it gets its name.
It is not only the smallest bear species in the world but it also has the shortest fur.
 The sleek, glossy coat of the Sun 
Bear ranges from black to dark brown or grey in colour,
with their distinctive chest marking varying from white to yellow or orange,
and can take a number of shapes including the standard crescent, a circle or an irregular spot.

Optional Personality: 

This tiny lady looks up to you with her big bear eyes.
With a passion for honey, inherited by her blessing,
she loves to go on quests to help fellow bakeries to gain some.
With the reward being a part of it, of course!

SB: 140$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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Cammiio's avatar
Eeeep this little annie is super cute!!
I love the sun patterns on her dress and the sun headpiece!
Her cinnamon roll hairbuns are the cutest tho 😭😭💗

Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
Imugiki's avatar
Ahhhhhhh I love anitori's artwork so much. Every time I see her art I instantly know it's from her <3
I was going to say this character is as vibrant as the sun, then I read that the animal used was the Malayan Sun Bear!! Such a perfect fit together and it totally works!
Her expression is almost mischievous and I love that, I'm getting some sassy vibes for her personality with the hair curls too hahaha
Lizzy-kaze's avatar
I love how Ani always uses such soft delicate colors, they give off such a cozy feeling~
This baby is such a cutie I especially love her cinnamon hair buns! lovey heart kitty 
Squishibear's avatar
Weeh this babe is so cute xx 
I love the hair curls and how sassy lil cutie she looks ; v ; kekek ♥
So well done with combining brown and yellow colors!! ♥ 
rce-ordinary's avatar
so warm and delicate. i really love the sun element in this one!
JapanZelda's avatar
Ooooh, I love the style for this one!
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara this annie is such a beauty! :heart:
her soft and warm palette is so soothing to look at
anitori did such an amazing job this sweet annie~!
the incorporation with the sun portion of her name is absolutely flawless
chippiepuff's avatar
one of my favorite things about this design is this little annie's leggings!
i am super fond of that particular pattern--white with yellow stars--i find myself often using this pattern too!
as always, ani has a great washy watercolor approach to her chibis. i love how she plays with the preexisting colors in her palette to add lighting and shading to each layer. the light from nearby objects is reflected in clothes and hair and is best seen in the white spots of the image.
it has been amazing this event to see how each artist works with the color brown, and ani is no exception!
softely's avatar
this annie's palette is so soft and warm and delicate!! 
i love the light yellowish gold sun designs and head piece that make her pop!
anitori's style is always the cutest and sweetest to look at 
drawnwithlove's avatar
Ahhh, i love your style so much Anitori!! She looks so adorable and sweet, I love her colours and the patterns on her dress!! such wonderful work <3333 
Christine-Z's avatar
thank you for being transparent Y u Y
bladehaver's avatar
what a cute friend...
Meihia's avatar
I love her little ruffled dress so much!

Everything about her is amazing and I hope that she goes to a good home!~
anitori's avatar
Aww I hope so too! ;v;
Thank you so much for your kind words <3
BabyPippo's avatar
She looks so soft and dreamy <3 
anitori's avatar
Aww thank you so much Pippo! ;;w;;
Amepan's avatar
Sooo beautiful, the soft pattern is so amazing <<33
anitori's avatar
Aww Thank you so much! <3 <3
KittyDaUnicorn's avatar
Omg what an adorable tiny bab TTOTT I'm living for her curls and poofy dress! Anitori did a wonderful job ^^
anitori's avatar
UwU Thank you so so much!!! <3
hatsukibambi's avatar
I love anitori's style especially her painting <3 <3
And this design is so cute!! I really like that hairstyle >u<
And I like those yellow details <3
anitori's avatar
Thank you so much Hatsuki!
Really glad you like her design~~
LadyMegami's avatar
This one is adorable, I love her dress. The suns and different design make it unique. The headband looks nice and shiny as well.
anitori's avatar
Thank you! <3
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