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Halloween Annies [AUCTION] CLOSED

HALLOWEEN ANNIES! :iconkissinguplz:
Sorry that they are late--- Life been stressful huff huff ///V///
I really hope you like them!
They all have a red bloody theme going on!
Remember that you can give them any personality ♥

If you are interested in Annies please check out their group! 

Lore of Annie

Black Widow

♥common - 1 spirit blessing
♥Super Rare - Glowing Black Widow marking pupils

Starting Bid: $20 / 2000Points
Minimum Increase: $5 / 500Points
Autobuy: 350$

Winner :iconnekokitsunenyan:

Red spider Lily + Needle Angler Fish + Twin tailed cat 

♥Super Rare - 3 spirit blessings
♥Ultra rare/mythical - Twin tailed cat
♥ Super rare - Glowing Angler fish teeth pupil

Starting Bid: $30 / 3000Points
Minimum Increase: $5 / 500Points
Autobuy: 350$

Winner :iconwhiztle:

Red and black Poison dart frog

♥Common - 1 spirit blessing
♥Uncommon- Frog pupils
♥Uncommon - Endangered

Starting Bid: $20 / 2000Points
Minimum Increase: $5 / 500Points
Autobuy: 350$

Winner :iconchezzyem:

Auction time: 48 hours (2 days) from the upload date.

If someone bids within 1 Hours before the auction ends, the auction will be extended by another hour to prevent sniping.


 By bidding, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service - Annies

Serious bidding only; backing out of the auction at any point by editing or retracting your bid will result in a ban from my species and auctions. Fake bids will also result in a permanent ban.

You must bid under the comment Bid here!

If a new bid, you reply to the previous bid.

Your account must be at least 2 months old.  

<You must be able to pay within 24 hours after you have won. 

-When bidding, please specify if you are bidding in $$ or Points.

-The winner will receive the un-watermarked, larger version.

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shiiokaraii's avatar
Oh man these are almost a year old, yet still beautiful ;^;
Yamio's avatar
I´m so happy you think so!
Hopefully you will like this years Halloween Annies as well! //V/// ♥
shiiokaraii's avatar
Ahh I can't wait to see them! qwq <33
AwesomeCanadians123's avatar
These are so cool! I love how you've drawn the gal in the middle's smile ahaha!
Shukyshooter's avatar
O Alphabets (Words) M Alphabets (Words) G (Alphabets)           S (Alphabets) 0 ( Numbers )          C (Alphabets)U (Alphabets) T (Alphabets) E (Alphabets) ! Exclamation mark (Symbols) 
Chiza-tan's avatar
Jellyfishbubblez's avatar
Oh my these are freaking gorgeous Yamis!!!! :love:
You did a wonderful job with these halloween themed Annies! >////<
Can't wait for more iiih! <33333333
Q-Jaaku's avatar
waaa so cute XD nice job ♥
PotatoXBanana's avatar
Wah I cant do dis QmQ
Starlipop's avatar
They're all so cute! The detail on the outfits of each one is lovely ♥
berrysquid's avatar
Wonderful job Yami! All of them look absolutely adorable, and, as always, love your design!
SashaMayrin's avatar
 SB on Red and black Poison dart frog (so many comments I got lost)
artsago's avatar
Cyanni-Ibara's avatar
Hwaaaaa!! As precious and adorable as usual, Yami!!
Love Tards Cute Emoticon Blushing Heart Thoughts :flirty: 
ScaryP4nda's avatar
:squee:I need hug...N...Hug all then!!!!:happybounce:Nuu Tight Hug Love ~Cuuute!~
Muni-Chama's avatar
I love how these came out! <33 I really enjoyed the stream *v*  It's so hard to choose my favorite out of this batch!
Black widow's design and color palette is so pretty, Angler fish is so beautifully detailed and looks so elegant, and poison dart frog's hairstyle is so cute, I love her stockings! <333 Good luck with the bidding ;;v;;
Trashochist's avatar
They're so precious *w*
FBSchin's avatar
oooooh they turned out so nice, was a blast watching you draw them <3 <3
LumilYuu's avatar
Just gonna drop this here >/////<
I really hope you like it!! <33
Gift: Red beauty +* by Mewpyon
berrysquid's avatar
AHH I just want to say that that chibi is so cute!!
Beautifulcreature34's avatar
So adorable Yamio //////
tokyopainter's avatar
three yamios are just......TOO CCUUTTEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pikachu want it Pikachu Piff Plz Pikachu want it Pikachu gasp Plz 
OKtiger's avatar
they are amazing ^^ My most favoriete is the third one! hehe! Adorable !!
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