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Halloween Annies 2017 | Batch 2



  Fdbb42d2fce4a487b5e2e78ea9d9468a--eland-horn by Yamio 

How many Blessings: 1
Blessing names: Giant Eland
Eyes: Round
Rarities: Uncommon


The Giant Eland is a marvelous giant Antelope species. In fact the largest one that exists! 
As large as 3 meter in length and as heavy as 1ton, they are an intimidating species.
But not to worry, their nature is very docile and they are very friendly, and love to be around people.
They have beautiful soft fur, high quality meat, no matter their diet and thick and fat milk, that makes their calves grow remarkably faster than cows.
However, due to their beautiful horns, that both their male and female counterpart inhabit, they are over hunted as "trophies" by humans, which makes them endangered. 
Also used as cattle is common as they can survive easier, eat less food and even survive poisonous food that would be fatal to most.
Truly remarkable.

This Annie does everything in her power to fight of the greedy humans that are after her Eland friends. 
Her precious cane, with an Eland baby head, might look scary, but it is a symbol of protection.
For each Eland that has died at the hands of the humans, she wishes to save the double.
High heels with hoove shaped form and her horns proudly on display, this is a girl whose gentle smile you should beware off. Emote skull 


SB: 75$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 350$

Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!
Snipe guard 2 hours!

   Caa5954f247feff4172196a2633294d9 by Yamio  7b44dc4e787ff7080b372ff29ead035a--orange-flowers-f by Yamio 

How many Blessings: 2
Blessing names: Vampire Bat | Golden Plumeria Flower
Eyes: Round
Rarities: Uncommon

Vampire bat. The first thing you think of are surely to be that they suck blood! But there are so much more to them than that. 

They are the only bat species that are able to walk properly on the ground, and even run! 

A unique feature as most bats are too weak in the rest of their body to be able to even walk, and rely solely on flying.

They can max survive around two days without blood, which means they have to be on constant look for prey.

But they cannot attack an prey that easily themselves, and sometimes there is no food in sight for days.

However, they are a very caring species for their family and closest friends, that if they see someone that is hungry,

they can go as far as to let the hungry bat eat of them. So kind!

The Plumeria flower is said to hold the safe haven for ghosts, demons and vampires alike! It is associated with royalty and worshiping.
It is a very sneaky flower whose beautiful smell that turns the most lustrous at night, attracts insects to comes for their nectar!
But, this flower holds no nectar at all! And are simply fooling each and everyone to pollinate them by going from flower to flower, looking for the nectar, but in vain.
The scent of Plumeira is officially the scent of Vampires. And is commonly used on graveyards and temples. 
To ward of other evil, because here, does the Vampire reign. 

This Annie has very pale skin as since they got blessed, they've preferred the evening and nights over the sunny day.

A cane of Plumeria to show off his wealth and status, this Annie has extreme pride for his caring species. 

While intimidating, he also wants people to know that he is a family man, deep down. Bat 


SB: 60$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!
Snipe guard 2 hours!

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