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Halloween Annies 2016 [AUCTION] Closed

HALLOWEEN ANNIES! :iconkissinguplz:
HUHUHU beware their cuteness that will haunt you down!
I had LOTS of fun designing these! So I hope you will enjoy them too ♥

If you are interested in Annies please check out their group! 

Lore of Annie

Coral snake and Crow

♥Uncommon - 2 spirit blessings
♥Super Rare - Glowing Snake shaped pupil
♥Super Rare - Extinct Coral Snake
♥Common Crow

Owner :iconakaneraikou:

Coral Snake is a snake many imitate due to it´s dangerous nature. It´s still debated whether this snake is extinct or just really rare.
Crows love shiny golden things and will collect it simply because they find it pretty.
Crows are also one of the few animals in the world except humans that are self aware.
Starting Bid: $60 / 6000Points
Minimum Increase: $5 / 500Points
Autobuy: 500$

Orchid Mantis

♥Common- 1 spirit blessing
♥Common - Not endangered
♥Uncommon - Double pupils
♥Super Rare - Glowing pupils

Starting Bid:
 $50 / 5000Points 
Minimum Increase: $5 / 500Points
Autobuy: 500$

Mantises eat their partner up while mating. Be dangerous who you fall in love with! 
Other than that they are quite docile animals~

orchid mantis 2 by bugalirious-STOCK

Bulmer´s Fruits bat

♥Common - 1 spirit blessing
♥Uncommon- Glowing pupils
♥Super Rare - Critically Endangered

Starting Bid: $50 / 5000Points
Minimum Increase: $5 / 500Points
Autobuy: 500$

Owner :iconflauschebaellchen:

It´s a bat!! But no worries! No blood is getting sucked by this one! 
Unfortunately the Bulmer´s bat are a critically endangered species due to people hunting it down.
Be nice to bats!

Maxresdefault by Yamio

Auction time: 48 hours (2 days) from the upload date.

If someone bids within 1 Hours before the auction ends, the auction will be extended by another hour to prevent sniping.


 By bidding, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service - Annies

Serious bidding only; backing out of the auction at any point by editing or retracting your bid will result in a ban from my species and auctions. Fake bids will also result in a permanent ban.

You must bid under the comment Bid here!

If a new bid, you reply to the previous bid.

Your account must be at least 2 months old.  

<You must be able to pay within 24 hours after you have won. 

-When bidding, please specify if you are bidding in $$ or Points.

-The winner will receive the un-watermarked, larger version.

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AyamiDrawings's avatar
They're so cuute <33NAGUMO INTENSIFIES 
I wish i had pointserase me from existence pls Trump's Eyebrows INTERNALIZED OPPRESSION h3h3productions ethan icon 
rainbowflakes25's avatar
These are so cute! Pikachu gasp Plz 
minokate's avatar
You're so talented <3
Candy-Meow's avatar
aaa these are so gorgeous~ :heart:
Hyanna-Natsu's avatar
I still can't deal with your thin brush details <333
Miumarru's avatar
the girl with purple hair is so cute
i waish i have money or points to buy it ;;
Iyokun's avatar
Yamii-sempai my idol!!!!///>w< I really love the design omg the details they are all cute!!!  goodluck to this auction! Fighting!Akari Akazaki (Good Job) [V3] 
Shikaruru's avatar
all of them are so cute ;////v///; <333
LogiicArt's avatar
I love your art so much! It's so cute (>﹏<)
Sairens-Song's avatar
Oh gosh your art is so beautiful >o<
The colouring is so bright and cheerful and your chibi anatomy is adorable ;U;

I wish there was a favourite whole gallery button ^^'

Oh and I hope these annie's find a good home <3

Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
ibiv96's avatar
All of them are beautiful, I hope someone buy them :D (Big Grin) 
Good job at doing this amazing drawing Yamio ^^ Keep it going !
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much Ibi! ///V/// <3333 
I´ll do my best!! ♥
Fwazie's avatar
Aw, So cute!
Yamio's avatar
Thankies! ///V// <3333
Fwazie's avatar
Llama Emoji-74 (My kawaii cheeks) [V4] You are the queen of soft and vibrant colors >w<
ReverieRose's avatar
I love all the vibrant colors!
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much! //V/// <3333333
FazbearCutie's avatar
 THEY ARE SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much!! <333333
naaiaa's avatar
Wahhh~! Cuties ❤️.❤️
Yamio's avatar
Thankies ///////
naaiaa's avatar
Selakora's avatar
I love your annies so much!! It amazes me how you can come up with so many different beautiful designs :heart:

Btw, as long as I know, coral snake is not extinct yet. It's pretty common in my country. Well, not that common xD but you can find in the wild and in Clodomiro Picado laboratory.
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