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Hallowannie 2021 | Day 6|2

Hallowannie Banner 2021 by AnniverseStash

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Day 6|2

Blessing Names:   Najash | Fig Ficus carica | Golden tiger Panthera tigris
How Many Blessings: 3
Rarity: Super Rare
Eyes:  Glowing pupils

Description of Blessings and Annie:

Najash is an extinct genus of basal snakes from the Late Cretaceous period. While retaining hindlimbs
like some other snakes, the Najash is unusual in having well-developed legs that extend outside the rib
cage, and a pelvis connected to the spine. Its name comes from the biblical legged snake, Naḥásh, who
tempted Adam and Eve to eat the "forbidden fruit" from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil in
the Garden of Eden.

Fig is the edible fruit of Ficus carica, a species of deciduous tree that grows up to 7–10 meters (23–33 ft)
tall, with smooth white bark. Native to the Mediterranean and western Asia, it has been cultivated since
ancient times both for its fruit and as an ornamental plant. Figs are tear-shaped, 3–5 centimeters (1.2–2.0 in)
long, with a green skin that may ripen toward purple or brown, and sweet soft reddish flesh containing numerous
crunchy seeds. Adam and Eve clad themselves with fig leaves after eating the "forbidden fruit" which according to
the Aggadah (Jewish text), was not an apple, but a fig.

Golden Tiger is a rare colour variation of the Panthera tigris. Like white tigers and black tigers, it is a colour form
and not a separate subspecies. Known for its blonde or pale-golden colour and red-brown stripes, the golden tiger
colouring comes from a recessive trait referred to as "wideband" which affects the production of black during the hair
growth cycle.

Optional personality:

"Ever heard of forbidden knowledge?" A voice calls to you, honeyed and sweet, gentle but a danger
lurks behind the words. The smile that greets you is calculated and sage, one that provides a comfort
of acknowledgment you've never experienced before but also one you hope you don't see as you take
your dying breath. She plucks off a ripe fruit that grows off her ornate horns, an ancient fruit that has
existed long before you have and will surely exist after you. They say that one bite is enough to change
your life, unlocking knowledge and wisdom unfathomable - but at a cost. And yet you step closer, lured
in by her glowing eyes and natural magnetism and before you can stop yourself, you've already sunk
your teeth into the--

SB: $350
Min Increase: $5
AB: $750
AB2: $950

[AB2 will include a rendered bust from aniMOSITl]

EXAMPLE by AnnieStash

Auction ends after 24H after the last bid.

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JapanZelda's avatar

Wooow, such a big snake!

VilmaMonster's avatar

She reminds me much a rabbit with carrot in hands - how cute. Even the branches on her head give me association with bunny ears. And the impression doubles by orange color of the tail. Please, go on to surprise me.

rce-ordinary's avatar

i love the tree horns that adorn her. the shading is delicate and the pose is quite nice.

blitherrys's avatar

I think shes the most worth titled snake queen!! those gorgeous painted tail, and the horns!! giving off nature feel just like snakes irl!! the shades and all are soft and those skeleton design for her shoes is an outstanding idea to think of!!

skfuu's avatar

HFJDHDJHDHDHDHDHDHSH AWWWWWWWWWW~~~~~KYAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~ SHE SURE BEAUTIFUL!!!!! she look very powerful with her horns! (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤(◍•ᴗ•◍)❤(●♡∀♡)(●♡∀♡)(●♡∀♡)(●♡∀♡)(●♡∀♡) THE LARGE SNAKES COMPANION SURE FIT HER! sshhhhh we can't stop starring at how well you shade and colours everything, it's very smooth well blend but hdjdhdhd still give a strong vibe that make her entire design outstanding!!! Congrats on the preclaim ani kyaaaaaaaa well deserved!! ( ˘ ³˘)♥( ˘ ³˘)♥( ˘ ³˘)♥( ˘ ³˘)♥(。♡‿♡。)(。♡‿♡。)(。♡‿♡。)(。♡‿♡。)(。♡‿♡。)(。♡‿♡。)

Milavana's avatar

She is so beautiful! <3 I love the strong pose you chose to go with, she looks so powerful!

The horns are amazing and such a good idea, your designs are always so unique and that's what I really love about them! The giant snake is super well drawn and looks amazing! I really like the skeleton pattern on her outfit too! She's so cool and badass, and I love her.

You did so great Ani, congratulations on the perclaim! <3

yukicole02's avatar

I love the command her pose has. The addition to the large snake companion just adds to her power.I love the branch antlers it adds so much to the design. It's such an interesting idea added to the personality of her plucking from her own branches. It's such a unique and interesting design.

periifuu's avatar

OMG she is absolutely gorgeous aaaa~! Gosh in love with her fig tree horns and the design on her legs! Her familiar is hella cool and badazz aaaa! A big baby but with them tiny legs though ahahah, it's so cute noticing it lol~! Also always adore your painting style Ani!! 2015YupiANanEmote006

Amepan's avatar


SCCRLM2's avatar

I love her and the idea for her! I love how the snake is big and also her companion. I adore the nature aspects as well.

JostHarris's avatar
TBeeBee's avatar
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