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Hallowannie 2021 | Day 3|2

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Day 3|3

Blessing Names:  Horned Viper
How Many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common round

Description of Blessings and Annie:

The Vipera Ammodytes has various nicknames: sand viper, horned viper or long-nosed viper.
This venomous snake is commonly found in Southern Europe. It's distinguished by the "horn"
on the snout. The "horn" is actually soft and flexible. It can grow up to 5mm. This is one of the
biggest and most dangerous viper species in Europe due their toxin venom and long fangs (13mm).
Even though their nickname is sand viper, their preference goes to rocky habitats. The color pattern
are different for males and females. Males have a dark brown to grey zigzag pattern on their back
and their overall shade leans towards grey. Females have less contrasting colors and look more
brown-ish to brick red. Their zigzag is in a shade of brown.

Optional personality:
A man explores the downtown while holding his dark notebook. Occasionally, he makes stops to take notes.
The pages look like a chalkboard with white scribbles. Right when he looks up, he sees someone staring at
him. Curious eyes try to peek at his thoughts on paper. He opens his mouth to say something, that person
already walks away. Disappointment reflects on his face, but he continues his walk. Despite his looks, he is
shy in nature. Tries to be friendly on the first sight, but it's hard to connect with him on a deeper level. He
keeps a small notebook with black pages to put his thoughts down. Occasionally, he draws tattoo designs.
The ones on his arms are created by himself.

Artist's note:
The markings on the Vipera Ammodytes were eye-catching so I gave him a few large tattoos. He likes loose
and soft clothes. His pants are of stretchy leather with zippers around the thighs. Hand-made from shed snake skin.

SB: $180
Min Increase: $5
AB: $400
AB2: $600

[AB2 includes a bust up by Pinlin]

Auction ends after 24H after the last bid.

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JapanZelda's avatar

Moooh, adorable, I really like him!

VilmaMonster's avatar

This is more then wonderful! I can see tiny chain on his neck and even bead knitting...I have difficulty in adding something. I have doubts in my artist abilities. Cause what i see is unbelievable for me - it's too far from my art level.

rce-ordinary's avatar

he is so cool! i love the simplicity of the design and the tattoos are looking so nice!

blitherrys's avatar

I absolutely love the watercolor feeling on this!! the tattoos, soft hair with many color combinations which Ive never think of before!! and the book pages what does that meann hmmm is this a hidden theory XD πŸ’–

periifuu's avatar

Awww such a cutie~! Really adorable style and love how you shade the hair! It's so crystal like yet softz!! Really like his outfit and pose here~! The design inside the book looks really interesting too hehe~ Amazing work!! 2015YupiANanEmote006

Pinlin's avatar

Thank you for all the praises! I tried to shade it like shiny snake scales and draw his hairstyle messy & soft. I had this pose of him sitting on a book in mind, but it was a bit challenging to do. It took some sketches before I ended up with this!

periifuu's avatar

Ooo I can relate to that feeling qwq Still you did a good job and you're very welcomez~!!2015YupiANanEmote002

SCCRLM2's avatar

I love the bookworm Annie! The colors are intriguing to stare at and details all around.

Pinlin's avatar

Despite his casual outfit, he wears a lot of accessoires. If I had to draw him again, I wouldn't remember all of it xD

Amepan's avatar

This petit cutie is adorable yet cool. I love it how soft colors are wonderful πŸ’“πŸ’—

Pinlin's avatar

Thank you! He is a soft guy who likes coziness (Β΄β—‘`)

skfuu's avatar

FUIIGDIYDIHDYOYOCHOFYIDYO OH GOOSSSHHHHH~~~~~~ HE SURE COOL GUY!! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–( β—œβ€Ώβ— )β™‘( β—œβ€Ώβ— )β™‘( β—œβ€Ώβ— )β™‘( β—œβ€Ώβ— )β™‘( β—œβ€Ώβ— )β™‘(β—β™‘βˆ€β™‘)(β—β™‘βˆ€β™‘)(β—β™‘βˆ€β™‘)(β—β™‘βˆ€β™‘)(β—β™‘βˆ€β™‘) KYAAAAAAAA how can he be so handsome yet cute at the same time GDJDHDHDHDHDHD as always we found your creations aesthetic and sure stylish!! The shading in his hair look so nice especially with the color choice combination ( ΛΆ ❛ ꁞ ❛ ΛΆ )( ΛΆ ❛ ꁞ ❛ ΛΆ )( ΛΆ ❛ ꁞ ❛ ΛΆ )( ΛΆ ❛ ꁞ ❛ ΛΆ )(◍‒ᴗ‒◍)❀(◍‒ᴗ‒◍)❀(◍‒ᴗ‒◍)❀(◍‒ᴗ‒◍)❀(◍‒ᴗ‒◍)❀(◍‒ᴗ‒◍)❀ by the way the way you draw his glasses are sooo gooodddd very detailed yet still look clear to see! β™‘(ӦvӦq)β™‘(ӦvӦq)β™‘(ӦvӦq)β™‘(ӦvӦq)(ΰΉ‘Λ™β₯Λ™ΰΉ‘)(ΰΉ‘Λ™β₯Λ™ΰΉ‘)(ΰΉ‘Λ™β₯Λ™ΰΉ‘)(ΰΉ‘Λ™β₯Λ™ΰΉ‘)(ΰΉ‘Λ™β₯Λ™ΰΉ‘) love his tattoo designs too!!! Hope he get the best home!

Pinlin's avatar

Ahhh thank you for sharing your excitement <3 I went full on adding all accessoires I like. His palette is more on the desatured side like the snake I choose, but I went for some colder colors. Yamio inspired me with the hints of red! His glasses are transparent with a red outline. I thought it's a fun design xD

Milavana's avatar

Aww what a cutie!! <3

I love the way you shaded the hair so much! His glasses are super cute and this snake is SO WELL DRAWN!!

The colorful tattoos on his arms are such a nice touch!

I really like his optional personality too! Also that cute little fang AWW <3

So lovely! Great work <3

Pinlin's avatar

Thank you! I wanted to create a bright hairstyle, a bit reflective like snake scales. His overall style is casual but it was fun adding a lot of small accessoires to make him look fashionable. It's so hard to stylize snakes. I think it's my first time drawing it _(:'3/

just-a-melon's avatar

Pinlin he's so precious. I fell in love with his little tattoo - and his glasses. His optional personality is amazing. He's super stylish and over all very easy on the eyes! So happy to have you be a GD for this event! I love him so much ; _ ;

Pinlin's avatar

I'm delighted by your words ; 7 ; I planned to design a casual look, but with a lot of accessoires. This snake species is dangerous just like how he looks. An opposite personality could be a sweet contrast. I'm happy that I could join this GD event. My mind has been full of ideas!

yukicole02's avatar

I really like the casual look of this guy and the tattoo detail on his body. He's got a very studious look and has a very smart look to him. I also love the detail fo the snake. Looks like a very fun companion. I really like the personality write up of him. A very interesting design and personality.

Pinlin's avatar

Thank you for the thoughtsful comments! I had a certain personality in mind before establishing his visuals. It took some changes before I came up with his look. Even though it's casual style, his outfit has a lot of accessoires.

TBeeBee's avatar

Bid here! β™₯

SB: $180

Min Increase: $5

AB: $400 AB2: $600

Auction ends 24H after last commented bid.

just-a-melon's avatar
TBeeBee's avatar

Thank you for participating in Hallowannie, @Pinlin will contact you soon! In the meantime, please refer back to the Terms of Service - Annies if you haven't already. Payment plans may be discussed, however, FTO (First time owners) can only do one payment at a time & if you own more than one Annie, you can have two payment plans at a time. As well as commenting on the Masterlist of your new ownership after full payment has been made!

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