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Hallowannie 2021 | Day 3|1

Hallowannie Banner 2021 by AnniverseStash

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Day 3|1

Blessing Names:  White California Kingsnake
How Many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common round

Description of Blessings and Annie:
California Kingsnakes are one of the most popular pet snakes. Being of a docile temperament,
they are easy to care for. This species of snake is immune to most snake venoms. Because of
their immunity they are a predator of many venomous species. They are known as the “king”
of snakes and hunt pit vipers. California Kingsnakes can be found in forests, prairies, deserts
and many other ecosystems, where they feed on small prey (rodents, frogs, birds, snakes, lizards).

The natural color for this snake is alternating white and black bands. However, there are some
morph variations of whites, yellows, browns, and blacks in different patterns. Hatchlings
measure between eight to ten inches in length, while an adult measures to three to four
feet in length within three years. Females are normally larger than their male counterparts. 
California Kingsnakes are diurnal in normal climates and nocturnal in hotter climates.

Optional personality:

True to her blessing, this Annie has a fiery and hotheaded personality. A daredevil, with a penchant
of getting intro trouble, her craving for adrenaline might put off weaker-hearted Annies. Though
 she isn't particularly easy to get along with, it's impossible not to get swept up in her dizzying energy.

SB: $180
Min Increase: $5
AB: $400
AB2: $600

[AB2 will include a sketch reference sheet by rain-ee]

Auction ends after 24H after the last bid.

Hallowannie 2021 Calendar by AnniverseStash
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JapanZelda's avatar

Ooooh, really interesting!

VilmaMonster's avatar

I find that she's incredibly luring. Her eyes are the most charming ever. It's probably one of the most stylish annie designs i can remember. It makes me to be twice sure that i need to rise up my art level.Cause i see the goals i want to reach.

rce-ordinary's avatar

so pretty and delicate, the soft/pale colors mix well with dark dress and furs. the hair is quite nice as well.

blitherrys's avatar

noticed how you paint the outfit at first glance!! its so eyecatching and looks soft! then I get to know other designs, I absolutely adore the shoes, earrings and her hair tieπŸ’–πŸ’– fantastic work TToTT

periifuu's avatar

Aaaaa such a soft art style aaa also love her! She looks hella adorable and coolz!! The pose and ribbons around plus the snake really gives off such an interesting silhouette shape! Also really like how you drew her eye here, very eye catching~! Also the nice texture on her coat is really a nice touch there! 2017YupiANanEmote001

rain-ee's avatar

Thank you Roa!! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]

SCCRLM2's avatar

I feel the vibe of the punk and the concept of her. I love her jacket and if it was an actual jacket in real life I would honestly wear it. I love the contrast and the light that blends well with just couple or some of colors use.

rain-ee's avatar

Thank you!! I would also definitely wear that jacket, this design is a bit self indulgent in that sense, haha

Amepan's avatar

Incredibly beautiful, this big coat is soo cool goth cute vibes i love it. Great work

rain-ee's avatar

Thanks a lot!

121GWJolt's avatar


I feel like I'd see her at a lock of heavy metal concerts. I love that ribbon coming out of her pocket that looks like a snake tongue and her generally big puffy coat! Her dress under the coat also looks really heckin cute!

rain-ee's avatar
skfuu's avatar


HER FACE IS SO LOVELY πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

Screenshot 20201015 065101
rain-ee's avatar

Thank youuu you are too sweet T_T <3

yukicole02's avatar

Absolute cool lady. I am in love with the coat and the soft white and dark blue used in her design. She looks like she could walk on air and is pretty light on her feet. She looks a lot calmer than her personality write up and I enjoy the contrast with her colors and her look to her personality. Makes her very interesting. Design is really amazing. Wonderful job.

rain-ee's avatar
Milavana's avatar

She is so so lovely! <3

Her big coat with the snake scales is so gorgeous, I adore her outfit so much! And her cute ponytail too!

I love how much personality she shows! That beautiful expression of hers really draws me in!

Amazing work <3

rain-ee's avatar

Thank you so much! πŸ’œ

Ethereal-Requiem's avatar

This girl is absolutely beautiful.

rain-ee's avatar

Thank you so much!

Ethereal-Requiem's avatar

Your designs are always really great.

g8ut's avatar
TBeeBee's avatar

Bid here! β™₯

SB: $180

Min Increase: $5

AB: $400 AB2: $600

Auction ends 24H after last commented bid.

Kiinsy's avatar
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