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Hallowannie 2020 | Day 2|2

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Day 2|2

Blessing Name: Ghost Plant [Monotropa uniflora]
How Many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common Round

Description of Blessings and Annie:

The Ghost Plant, also known as the Indian Pipe or Corpse Plant, is a herbaceous perennial
plant native to Asia, North America and South America. The Ghost Plant is found in dark 
woods with soil that is rich, cool and damp, surrounded by many decaying plants. It is
commonly found near dead stumps. It earns its name from its ghostly pale colour, 
translucency, and living on the dead in the deep woods.

Unlike most plants, it is parasitic and does not receive its nutrients through photosynthesis,
instead it borrows nutrients from certain fungi, trees and decaying plant matter. They also 
do not possess any leaves because they do not photosynthesize, due to this they can be 
found thriving in the deepest, darkest of woods where no sun may ever reach. Though
beautiful, when picked or bruised they will quickly blacken and wither. Not to mention 
they lack structural integrity, collapsing in your hands when picked as if they were melting, 
and thus this truly unique plant cannot be kept for long.

Optional Personality:

A once starry-eyed bride, ever burdened by her loved one's demise. She wanders the
cemetery at night, holding her lantern close to her chest; yearning what could've been.
The locals steered clear of her, the children taunted her--"a ghost!"--they say. But she
does not care, her heavy broken heart too sorrowful to argue. As the morning sun brings
upon another day, her cries dissipate into the last fragments of moonlight. Perhaps the
locals are right, for even she is unsure whether she still walks among the living.

SB: $180
Min Increase: $5
AB: $400

Auction ends after 24H after the last bid.

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inavacl's avatar

when it came out in the announcement, she became by new favorite ! i feel like this is SUCH high quality ahhhhh I love the hair, the dress, the pearls, the ribbon, the designs on the veil and dress. it really feels like this is the perfect interpretation of the blessing

LadyMegami's avatar

My eyes has seen something truly beautiful. Her dress and veil are truly eye catching, although it's slightly tattered, it's still lovely. And the lantern, could it have been the last things she received from her lover, or a special gift she cherishes? ......Can I be her new lover?

rce-ordinary's avatar

a ghostly yet ethereal design, i love the depths on the dress. the blue flame on the lantern looks so beautiful.

Nanami-Yukari's avatar

Thank you ;u;

Cica did an amazing job on that fire <3

KittyDaUnicorn's avatar

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IM SO BLOWN AWAY BY THIS GORGEOUS DESIGN!!! first off, i gotta say that the lineart is so incredibly clean i literally cannot stop looking at it ;-; i love the pose, it's so elegant which really nicely contrasts the torn and ragged fabric on the bottom of her outfit! i also really love how there are some subtle pops of colour on an otherwise monochrome palette, it's so nice to look at !! also big congrats on the ab !!<33

Nanami-Yukari's avatar

Asdfgh thank you! ;A;

It's actually not that clean up close XD thank god for resize!

121GWJolt's avatar


The pose, the firey glow, it's all so graceful and everything! >v<

Nanami-Yukari's avatar

Thank you very much Jolt <3

Ineuta's avatar

GORGEOUS GAL OMG if she can't find her mans I volunteer to take his place! Classic weeping ghost made elegant she's to die for ( haha /kICKED). I love the lantern and how to is able to stand out in this piece it shows how important it is to her as a character and design wise! Congrats on the AB well deserved! :heart:

Nanami-Yukari's avatar

Haha thank you so much Ineu XDD

ViPOP's avatar

Love the combination of styles in this piece!! That expression and the blue light of the lantern TTOTT <33 This adopt has such pretty movement!

Nanami-Yukari's avatar

asdfgh thanks vi! <333

VilmaMonster's avatar

This annie is so classic spooky character! She's so gentle. She's so sweet in her deep sorrow. Her rosy eyes are a nice accent on her pale porcelain face. A bit of tiny red gems revive well her look. And the lantern with blue light is such a nice addition to her look.

Nanami-Yukari's avatar

Thanks so much~! ^u^b

Nanami-Yukari's avatar
JapanZelda's avatar

My god, she's sooo pretty, i really like her design, waouh!

Nanami-Yukari's avatar

Thank you very much~! :D

Yamio's avatar

Such a beautiful collab! She looks so elegant, sad and beautiful~! And congrats on Nana for getting an AB on her first event, as well to SGT! I love the details of her lace and the pop of colour with her lantern! 2018YupiANanEmote026

Nanami-Yukari's avatar

Asdfgh thank you Yami!! >////<

shelselle's avatar

What a beautiful sad bride, I love her ghostly colors and her ripped fabrics! 😭💕 she looks so spooky, a perfect fit for hallowannie! 🥺💖 amazing job and congrats on AB!!

Nanami-Yukari's avatar

Thank you so much shel <33

Milavana's avatar

She's so so gorgeous!! <3 I love her layered dress, it flows so nicely! The lantern is super pretty too, I love that you've chosen a bright glowy color for it, while the rest of design is all in white! <3 I really adore her hair too!

She's amazing and so elegant wahh, I super love her!

Congratulations on your AB! <3

Nanami-Yukari's avatar

Thanks so much Milaaa~! We chose a layered dress for her bc its a nod to the layered shape of the flower itself XD

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