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Hallowannie 2019 | Day 1|2

Hallowannie Banner by AnniverseStash
Hallowannie 2019 Calendar by AnniverseStash
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By purchasing an Annie you agree to the ToS.

Read more about the event here! ♥

Day 1 | 2
Bulbophyllum Longissimum by AnniverseStash
Blessing names: Bulbophyllum Longissimum
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common Round
Description of blessings and Annie: 

Bulbophyllum Longissimum is an orchid. These flowers like lowlands,
and like to grows in warm but humid places. Usually this plant can be seen in Southeast Asia.
Bulbophyllum unpretentious to light, ad they always grow in groups of 7-8 flowers!
They are rather small but very long. Despite the frightening appearance, these aren't poisonous. 

Optional Personality: 

This spooky Annie is inspired by the undead. She takes great interest in horror stories and death,
and even does taxidermy as a hobby. Her black sclera and outfit exaggerate this interest,
along with the rotting flowers on her clothes and ruffles that look like they're decaying. 
She has clusters of her orchid blessing on her dress and headpiece, and gold details all over. 
If she sits still, she's often mistaken for a corpse, which has frightened many around her. 
She's amused by the rumors that she's a dead woman walking, but doesn't dispel them... 
could it be possible these rumours are true?

SB: 140$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.
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Pegashi12's avatar
EEEEEE I love the ruffles and dress!!!! The design is really intricate and interesting, and I can see lots of effort in the outfit. The whole Annie stands out to me, and the eyes and expression work well together. The floaty hair is really cool too :3 
drawnwithlove's avatar
THIS GIRL IS SO BEAUTIFUL <333333 you two did such an amazing job??
her eyes are so piercing, so spooky yet really stunning!! Just like the rest of her- 
Her palette, all her details, her pirate-y undead vibes! Just everything is really well done~
amazing job babbus!!! 
Poly-peptide's avatar
Shel and Hoshi you two did such a great job!!!! She gives me a total Pirates of the Caribbean vibes and I love it! :heart: Amazing collab guys. :hug:
Akira-Doodles's avatar
Oh wow!! The colors in this absolutely blow me away, such lovely choice and palette!! it's really hard to design characters with matching clothes but also not get repetitive, I appreciate the effort in it<333 Also all the details in the outfit and the hair piece???? amazing, so unique and well executed, i love her so much ;,lfd
JapanZelda's avatar
She's gorgeous!!! <3
HoshiAdopts's avatar

thank you so much!! ♥

LadyMegami's avatar
She's lovely and loves scary stories & death. She's certainly a fun Annie to around, especially this time of year.the layers, golden trims and lace, make her a cute Victorian doll that's perfect to have on your front window.  A dead woman walking, I'm curious about this as well.
HoshiAdopts's avatar

I'm so happy you like this bab aaa ;A; Thank you so much! ♥

shelselle's avatar
thank you so much!! <3 we thought it was an interesting story to give for her personality, i’m glad you’re curious about it and that you like it <333 ❤️
rce-ordinary's avatar
so beautiful, i love the colors and the details on this one!
HoshiAdopts's avatar

thanks a lot ;A; ♥

shelselle's avatar
thanks bright ❤️❤️ ^3^
Skyshiver0's avatar
HoshiAdopts's avatar
shelselle's avatar
skfuu's avatar
hgfkhdfgdfjgh OMIGOSHHH SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL~~~~ WE REALLY LOVE HER PALLETS ~~~~! :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconmagi5plz: :iconflyingheartsplz: :iconflyingheartsplz:
her eyes is especially our fav hehe~ you guys did a very nice job kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
HoshiAdopts's avatar

AAAAAAAAAA thank you so muuuch! ♥ ;____;

skfuu's avatar
awwwwwwwwwwww you're welcome and it is our pleasure :iconkyutsmileplz:
shelselle's avatar
THANK YOU SKUNKY!! u so cute ;__; !!!!! <33333333 me and hoshi worked hard on the palette and eyes, it means a lot to hear that you like it!! ❤️❤️❤️ <3
skfuu's avatar
awwwwwww you're welcome and our pleasure to see such a beatiful bae from both of you:iconchitandasmileplz:
Maralene's avatar
Gorgeous!!! Love the color mix you chose, the blending is awesome!!
HoshiAdopts's avatar

Thank you ;A; ♥

shelselle's avatar
thank you so much!! it was an unusual color chose compared to what i’m used to using, so i’m happy it worked out well! (x
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