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Hallowannie 2019 | Day 1|1

Hallowannie Banner by AnniverseStash
Hallowannie 2019 Calendar by AnniverseStash
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Day 1 | 1
Monotropa Uniflora by AnniverseStash
Blessing names: Monotropa Uniflora
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common Round
Description of blessings and Annie: 

Monotropa Uniflora is also known as ghost pipe – or sometimes corpse plant.
Although it looks like a fungus, the ghost pipe is a flowering plant,
that survives by borrowing nutrients from certain fungi, trees and decaying plant matter.
Because it has no chlorophyll and doesn’t depend on photosynthesis,
this ghostly white plant is able to grow in the darkest of forests.

Optional Personality: 

This lonely Annie threads the boundary between worlds; the living and the next. 
Though blind, she crosses the darkness by seeing the very spirit of other creatures, 
beneath their exterior and to their essence. Through a quiet gentleness, 
she helps souls who are lost find peace again. Easily mistaken for a ghost, 
others tend to steer clear of her; so it has left this little ghost-girl longing for another's warmth and acceptance.

Extra by Tysunami for Rain-ee by AnniverseStash

SB: 140$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.
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Pegashi12's avatar
I love the color scheme of this Annie so much! It's very simple, but effective in the ghost-girl aura she gives. It is also very gentle and pleasing to the eyes, which is nice :33 The way the hair and clothes are shaded also contribute to the overall feel of the art and it's very lovely ^-^
drawnwithlove's avatar
This ghostly girl has to be one of my favs this event! I love this plant so it's amazing to see such a pretty annie be blessed by it!!
I first noticed the texture of your painting, and it really brought out a ghosty and somewhat vintage vibe!
I could really imagine her being a distinctive character in a spooky comic or anime! kaomoji set 2 18/67 
Her candle lamp, her gown/dress and the gentle yet serene look on her face is beautiful! amazing job <33333
Poly-peptide's avatar
Rainee I love the ghostly feel of this little gal and a unique blessing I've never heard of before. Excellent design and great start to the event!!
sarah4AMEN's avatar
I love the way you made this one!
Akira-Doodles's avatar
She's so lovely, and has such a haunting yet sweet? atmostphere and im,, love. Also her sleeves look like perfectly normal puffed sleeves and then once you see her flower blessing?? it's absolutely amazing how you managed to make the flower still look EXACTLY like the flower and also so seamlessly integrate it into her design. Her clothes and expression and hair are all so unique, she's really an amazing annie<333
JapanZelda's avatar
God, she's my favorite!!!!! I love her style so much, so cute!!!
LadyMegami's avatar
Such a pretty ghost Annie. Seeing her reminds of the little match girl. And the tale makes me sad Oshawott cry plz . the outfit blends in very well.  Her innocent, soft, gentle face. Makes me want to hug and help her.
rce-ordinary's avatar
love the ghostly feeling on this one, the textures really adorn it as well!
saniika's avatar
what a great use of texture - truly spooky
sulyia's avatar
rain-ee this is such an amazing design, i think it's my fav annie ever ;_;
DoodlerBee's avatar
Such a cutie!  The colors are so soft and give her a very wispy feel!
HistoryGold777's avatar
skfuu's avatar
KGHASGDJGASDJHGASHDG AMGGGGG KYAAAAA THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL~~~ WE LOVE HOW YOU SHADE HER ;;////;; AND.. HER EXPRESSION IS SO NICE Q////Q :iconholyshitohmygodplz::iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz:  :iconholyshitohmygodplz::iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconholyshitohmygodplz: :iconsparklesplz::iconflyingheartsplz::iconflyingheartsplz:
rain-ee's avatar
Thank you so much!! I'm so flattered you like her//!! <3
skfuu's avatar
awwww you're welcome and it is our pleasure :iconkyutsmileplz:
lina1313's avatar
I love how you used minimal color to create such a strong mood. The design of her dress flows well with her hair, and overall the whole thing feels airy and weightless. The candle is a nice touch, cute ghost~
rain-ee's avatar
Thank you so much! <3 This design was all about minimality and weightlessness, so I am happy it carried through! TT
P0CK11's avatar
I really like this! Awesome ^^ 💞💞
rain-ee's avatar
P0CK11's avatar
KittyDaUnicorn's avatar
her expression is incredible, and the slightly off-white colours do make her look really ghostly! big congrats on the ab <33
rain-ee's avatar
Thank you so much!! I really loved working on this one, I am glad she is liked <33//
Kourakia's avatar
I'm absolutely dying!! The way you used textures in your painting really brings a ghostly element into it! Her outfit is all around stunning, my favorite part is her teary jewelry motif under her eyes and on her chest ;u; 
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