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Day 8 Baby emperor penguin


Day 8 Baby emperor penguin

    Article 0 162cf7e9000005dc 679 634x422 By Atlasnir by Yamio 
Annie Blessings: 1
Kind: Baby emperor penguin
Eye Traits: Round
Rarity: Common
Baby emperor penguins are very reliant on their parent to stay warm through the harsh climates of the arctic.
They cannot swim and must avoid the water until they grow adult plumage. 

A cute and small Annie who relies a bit too much on others.
Naturally he's very warm and gives the best hugs.
Being lax with every task, he takes his time doing everything, as he wants to enjoy the best things of every situation.  
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Sidlaux's avatar
EEE what a darling!! <33
Berryzem's avatar
Ahhh how cuuute! He is beyond precious! I adore the socks and floofy coat X'D Wonderful job AtlasNir! ^.^/
drawnwithlove's avatar
SO CUTE EEE he looks so warm and fluffy, so huggable ;w; fantastic job!
TroodonVet's avatar
DiaCrownyCrown's avatar
So preeeeeeettie!
TheMegaMeowstic's avatar
Penguins + smol chibis + Annies = DA BEST THING EVER.
hatopyo's avatar
oh my god.. So cute penguin.. I love aaaaaa:heart::heart::heart:
g8ut's avatar
very cute!
JapanZelda's avatar
So adorable! I love his design, what a cutie. <3
MarnyQuinn's avatar
Penguin....I want a cute penguin...!!Cry forever 
potatopotatoOwO's avatar
fiyunae's avatar
SO CUTE AND FLUFFY♥ AtlasNir's stuff is always so clean and pro looking <3 adore all the details and color palette
AtlasNir's avatar
Thank you so much! ;o;
MarnyQuinn's avatar
yallen22's avatar
Ethii's avatar
I've said it before but I'll say it again AtlasNir I am so sososo happy that this was my first Annie he's perfection in my eyes and honestly I couldn't have asked for better ;-; you did such an amazing job ! Yami too because apparently she helped with design ❤️❤️ He's the perfect mix of colours and floof + royalty and I adore him
AtlasNir's avatar
Im so glad you love him a lot! Thank you so much T__T ah yes! Yami helped me fix his clothing a little bit! He wouldn't be as cute as he is now without the fix ^^
MettaWaifu's avatar
Heeeeeeeee so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Tanooki-John's avatar
So this OC is a boy? Not bad for a penguin gijinka. You have such a great touch with OC's like most I have seen.
KiXx6's avatar
Wow, this is mad cute!
craaziifox's avatar
awe he's super cute! ;u;
Scorpiosa-x's avatar
... oh hum... sorry... I make a mistake with the character... :X

By the way, he is absolutly cute :3
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