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Day 7 - Cheal's weeping cherry - Moose

Day 7 - 
Cheal's weeping cherry & Moose

     3223ca67a9ee4afc53f2df4e8d239ba6 by Yamio Mooseusfwryanhagerty by Yamio  

How many Blessings: 
Blessing names: Cheal's weeping cherr y& Moose
Eyes: round pupils with glowing flowers
Rarities: Uncommon


Being blessed by a moose, being the largest species in the deer family, he sure has a magnificent aura with those big antlers!
He has a bad temper, so beware not to startle him, you wouldn't like to pick a fight with him!
But deep down he has a personality full of shyness and likes to hide that behind his flowers and antlers. 
Behind his shyness he is still dreaming to find a beautiful partner one day. Someone that he would fight his all for to get.
Nothing can stop him when it comes to love!
Also being blessed by the Cheal's Weeping cherry, he tends to change mood easily for every new season.
He loves the sun and prefer being outside most of his time. 
He also prefer to wander around the woods by himself, where he easily can shelter from bad weather ♥ :cherryblossompetals: 

  HANANNIE EVENT 2017 by Yamio

SB: 70$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 375$

Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!
Snipe guard 2 hours!
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AzureRat's avatar
Great job on the details.
JapanZelda's avatar
Haaaaaan, my god, so much flower! I love it!
fawnbun's avatar
adfgfds Pemiin you did such a beautiful job on this bab!! TTOTT those flowers are so gorgeous cries aaaaaa :icondokis-plz: <33
Nonzev's avatar
Ah! Pemiin did amazing! All those flowers in his antlers. Love his color pallette too! Adorable! ♡
DashaHam's avatar
01nu's avatar
Amg those flower details ;A; //RIP Eve's hand uhehe
So super cute:heart:
Berryzem's avatar
That random touch of green with the socks is an unexpected detail. It works so well with the palette though Onionhead diva - Onion head I just want send my character to pick a flower to wear in his hair. Those flowers look so pretty and using the antlers to display the weeping cherry was a fantastic choice! Wonderful job Pemiin~ ^.^/
GhostmanDeviantart's avatar
She's a moose girl, Right? (never-mind, that question was stupid).
Pemiin's avatar
It's an Annie boy, blessed by Cheal's weeping cherry and Moose yes ♥
Atlantihero-Kyoxei's avatar
Lil-Gib's avatar
Aaaaaaaaaaa so adorable! 
inioli's avatar
he's precious <3
drawing all these flowers must have taken a lot of time woah. o 7 o
great work, pemiin! <3
Pemiin's avatar
I-it did take forever, but I had lots of fun with it! 
Totally worth it *0* ♥
inioli's avatar
you're welcome. ;;///7////;; <3<3<3
adrianogt's avatar
i like this eyes
Rainabic's avatar
So pretty! I love Sakura flowers
augrid-06's avatar
artechin's avatar
This is insanely adorable <3
Agetian's avatar
A really adorable design!! :love:
lumenix's avatar
zuki1214's avatar
mochamomo's avatar
oh wow, she's absolutely gorgeous! 
I really love the nature theme~
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