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Day 6 - Abundance Cherry - Eudeilinia Moth

 Day 6 - Abundance Cherry - Eudeilinia Moth

   Wild-cherry-flower-1 by Yamio  DSCN7942-copy-590x459 by Yamio 
Denae Denae Denae Denae 

How many Blessings: 
Blessing names: Abundance Cherry / Eudeilinia Moth
Eyes: Normal
Rarities: Uncommon


These cherries are more commonly associated with love, and the Love Goddess Venus.  In fact, the cherry fruit has long been associated with love and fertility metaphysically.
Unfortunately that is not true for this poor girl.  While cherries typically bring an abundance of love into your life, this small Annie has never been lucky in this department.
It hurts doubly for her because she comes from the Abundance Cherry of all cherries!  She should be rolling in this stuff, shouldn't she?!
She does come from a wealthy and bountiful upbringing, but has never experienced the one thing she feels is most important in life.  
This in turn has made her quite pessimistic by nature.  While her appearance is beautiful and delicate, and her actions shy and reserved from the addition of her Eudeilinia blessing, she is also a bit spoiled from her upbringing.  

Maybe one day she will finally find her everlasting love, and truly feel complete.  Or will she crave something better once she has achieved her next goal...? Cherry Icon 

  HANANNIE EVENT 2017 by Yamio

SB: 70$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 375$

Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!
Snipe guard 2 hours!
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It is a really cute design! I'm just wondering why the eyes seem to be squeezed. Other than that, you did a great job on the lineart! Kao Emoji-04 (Cute) [V1] 
yeokie's avatar
I love all your pictures! They all have such a story behind them, and are so detailed.
Lilysplash's avatar
GOODNESS GOODNESS what a gorgeous adopt?!
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Awe this Annie's design is so neat! Love the art style, Denae did a lovely job. ♡
SheepishSleepySheep's avatar
AHHH this design is so cute yet graceful and just-- love it UwU
01nu's avatar
I love it so much; even if she doesn't typically do cute little chibis, she made it work so nicely :heart:
BooFitz's avatar
I love the colors, and the dress's design!
PuniSama's avatar
this one is simply amazing! I love the design <33
Staley2112's avatar
This is very well detailed. The colours are nice and calm and match the character. However, I feel like your eyes are somewhat off. I think to me, it looks as it is a blurry. 
Sunnydean's avatar
I think this is the most elaborately decorated pop tart I've ever seen.
Berryzem's avatar
I just put two and two together with the moth-like hair XD. The "shinies" really give extra life to this picture and I'm really digging the textured brush work. It amazes me how the cherries still pop even though they look purple. The freckles are a cute touch as well. Beautiful work Denae >//////<
TenshiHoshino's avatar
Very pretty expression and colours.
kitt0hokage's avatar
Love this! The colors are so pretty.
Shay-Fae's avatar
Wah! This is so beautiful!
inioli's avatar
she's lovely <3
i love the details. ;v; <3
Tranex2's avatar
It's so Awesome!
Good Job!
Candy-Meow's avatar
incredible design~!! <33
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Wow, the colors are amazing!
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*,0,* what a unique design big pink heart big pink heart big pink heart big pink heart big pink heart 
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