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Day 5 - Royal Ann cherry

 Day 5 - Royal Ann Cherry


                 Deta-90 by Yamio 

How many Blessings: 1  
Blessing names: Royal Ann Cherry
Eyes: Sakura Shaped pupils
Rarities: Uncommon

About: Spring. Blooming flowers. A new life is starting!

Ever heard of the Royal Ann cherry variety? Oh, I'm sure you do know it in fact, as it's one of the most common cherries used to top cakes, ice-creams and cocktails.
It's sweet and very juicy, almost considered a premium type of cherry. 

Beautiful flowers belonging to the Royal Ann, decorates her bonette. 
Having cherries as accessories hanging down that she can then treat others is perfect for this giving Annie.

She feels young and full of energy even though she's a bit older than what she looks like ~
till very attached to her younger years, because of that she likes to dress herself in frilly layered outfits that will bring her memories about her younger self.

She also gets along with kids very well! Which she suits in very well with.

Likes spending time outside and organizing picnics every now and then for the younger Annies to socialize with each other.

  HANANNIE EVENT 2017 by Yamio

SB: 70$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 375$

Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!
Snipe guard 2 hours!
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b-Eggot's avatar
This is by far one of my favorite Annie from Hanannie. I love everything about her.
Cloudellie's avatar
Was this recoloured? I feel like her colours were more purple and green before..? o.o
mochitila's avatar
Very cute! la in love  She kind of looks like Kokona Haruka from Yandere Simulator, lol.
Nonzev's avatar
Such a cute design by Neko-Rina! Love those hair curls! Really great job. ♡
SheepishSleepySheep's avatar
I love how simple yet cute and elegant this design is. She looks ready to go to a tea party! Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
Pemiin's avatar
Ahhhh I love this baby gosh ;;;;
her lolita-style fashion makes her look like a small doll and its just mmmm *0*
Rina you did an amazing job on her T^T ♥
01nu's avatar
I love how sweet and mature the colors look :heart: 
So adorable as always :">
JapanZelda's avatar
God, I love her dress! Awesome!
lumenix's avatar
Very lovely!
ItachiUchihaHD's avatar
Very Beautiful❤
ViPOP's avatar
ahhh Neko-Rina worked super hard on this babe <333 I love the cute older sister feeling she gives off >W< Her blessing is very well described and worked into her design ! 
Sueweetie's avatar
The bid comment is here if anyone is searching for it!!…
Vourevilla's avatar
Maybe next time I can help you in the next event
Frappe7's avatar
Shes like a character from a fairy tale!  Lovely design! 
OhMyGob's avatar
💜💜💜💜 :heart: :heart:
So cute!
zuki1214's avatar
Berryzem's avatar
Sakura pupils! O.O ohmygoshyes. That bow and skirt have to be my favorite part. It gives a very homey, nurturing feel like baking a cherry pie in the kitchen with your grandmother (not that she's old I mean-oh dear orz). It especially works well with the picnic hosting aspect. Lovely job Rina ^.^/
Mr-Pink-Rose's avatar
Adorable as always!!!
Blushily's avatar
Aw the little curls in her hair are so cute~
Mishig's avatar
A question, can i change the gender  and sex if i bought it?
ViPOP's avatar
yes this is allowed in yami's terms and conditions for annies ! 
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