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Day 3 Guelder Rose


Day 3 - Guelder Rose
Viburnum Opulus By Neko Rina-dbtjcqb Day 3 by Yamio  A644b13c02 Viburnum Opulus By Neko Rina-dbtjcr1 Da by Yamio 
Blessing names: Guelder rose (viburnum opulus)
How many Blessings: 1
Rarities: Common
Eyes: round/normal

The Guelder rose (also commonly named snowball tree) is a very tall bush.
It usually heights around 2 meters, but with time and plenty of space to grow it can even reach 4 or 5 meters.
Its flowers grow in a cute bouquet shape. They're completely white and odorless.
On the contrary its fruits are of a vibrant red color. They are usually toxic for humans but not for animals.
Birds love eating them in fact!

As many flowers, it is used to decorate, but it also has medical attributes. It can be used as a muscle relaxant and also helps combating asthma and preventing spontaneous abortions.
But remember! It can be toxic if you take too much so always check with a herbalist first ~

The common name "guelder rose" relates to the Utch province of Gelderland, where a popular cultivar, the snowball tree, supposedly originated.

A male Annie with feminine 
appearance, dressed in a more traditional attire with Guelder Rose Patterns.
It's berries decorates his Ponytail.
There does not need to be a festive event for this Annie to put on the most elaborate clothing.
Comfortable, beautiful along with peace and calm, is what this Annie strives for.
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Very beautiful design! 
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infinite/infinite Great Job!
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the colours *o* 10/10
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this is really cute
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Is she a bobble head? 
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don't they teach kids in school that chain mail isn't real? Plus, it's kind of rude to post them on somebody's art ... 
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Cute cute cuteeeee ;w; <3
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Sweet really cute
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cut~! I like it~!:)
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