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Day 24 Pegasus | Marigold

Day 24  Pegasus | Marigold
Pegasus by Delphina Aqua by Yamio Marigold by Yamio

Blessing names: Pegasus | Marigold
How many Blessings: 2
Rarities: Mythical
Eyes: Glowing Marigold pupils
Description of blessings and Annie: 

Pegasus. Known as the beautiful winged horse, born from misery. 
Kind and caring, always eager to help, it always impressed people with it's ways.
As big as it was, it instilled fear and respect to the ones around it, until one got to know it's true nature.
Making it quite lonely. However, due to it's loyalty through the times, it has the hugest constellation named after it, in the Nordic hemisphere. 

The beautiful Marigold, growing in snow beds, can withstand the most dry drought.
It comes in many colours, showing off it's beauty worldwide.
Feeding butterflies and bees with it's nectar, and repelling mammals with it's scent, it can be a symbol of protection.
Even though some Marigold tend to be scentless, animals instinctively avoids it due to respect for the species.
It is not uncommon to see them on display around sacred flooring.

Huge wings with decorative different Mari Gold of Gold and blue, gives an impression of holiness and comfort.
Long hair to balance the weight of her wings, and decorative clothing to symbolize the mighty pegasus wings---
This Annie makes the heavens cry of her beauty and grace.
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Dekelsa's avatar
so pretty I kinda wanna draw her now lol
Yamio's avatar
OOOH thankies! go ahead ehehe //V///
Fire-Link's avatar
Nice work. How's things going?
Goodwil's avatar
I really like her design, especially the colours and those beads that hang off her wings
helena-senpai's avatar
Oh! I really like the colours!This is amazing QwQ
NormaLeeInsane's avatar
Such a pretty design. :aww:
Berryzem's avatar
"Makes the heavens cry" she's going to make me cry too. I adore Pegasus! Oh my goodness Happy cry (Tears of joy).  It amazes me how the green eyes caught my attention so quickly and the marigolds on the shoes and gah! She looks like an angel Happycry I can't even. Such a lovely way to end Annielender ♥ (I will be doing fanart for so many of these!) 
PinkPrincessMoon's avatar
CUTE Giggle Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 Meow :3 
ZerumFerinski's avatar
wow you have put so much life into this picture
It has such a warm glow and makes me feel like the character could pop out of the image
CheesecakeKelbi's avatar
This is gorgeous! Auaauuuu :3
Iceliarea's avatar
This is sooo pretty <3 Love your designs <3
Lolliangel00's avatar
DiaCrownyCrown's avatar
I like how it has a warm glowing feeel! QuQ 
luupon's avatar
this is so cute ^^ merry christmas
Moraii's avatar
This is extremely gorgeous and really beautiful!! <33
WILLIFINK's avatar
I don't know what to draw can you propose me a thing ?
allecca's avatar
Looks awesome!
JapanZelda's avatar
Haaaan, very lovely! I love her wings!
The-Last-Phantom's avatar
Awesome cuteness!!!

Christmas Owl 
Classicult's avatar
Ahh there's my beautiful babe! I'm just so in love with the colour scheme ;w; Thank you Yami!!
hatsukibambi's avatar
I love her so much!! >u<
LiliCharm's avatar
absolutely stunning ;;
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