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Day 20 Narcissus | Musk Ox


Day 20 Narcissus | Musk Ox
  Narcissus By Neko Rina-dbtjcz3 Day 18 by Yamio  Icelandic Sheep Slideshow 06 By 01nu-day 7 by Yamio 

Blessing names: Narcissus & Musk Ox
How many Blessings: 2
Rarities: Uncommon
Eyes: round/normal
Description of blessings and Annie:

In the Greek Mythology, Narcissus was a handsome boy who broke the heart of many girls. The Goddess Nemesis decided to punish him because of his conceit.
She drove him into a fountain in which he saw his reflection. Narcissus fell immediately in love with himself, he was so lost in his own beauty he approached the water too much,
fell inside the fountain and drowned.
A beautiful flower bloomed near the water in his honor; the Narcissus.

This flower has been praised since Ancient times for both its medical and botanical uses.
It's a strong flower capable of standing the most cold winter and its beauty makes it a perfect match to decorate any room or garden.
But did you know it should not be planted with other types of flowers? Its stem contains a substance that accelerates the death of other flowers!

This Annie shares a similarity with the human Narcissus. She is "cursed" by something she considers an ugly blessing: a musk ox.
Musk ox are big horned and robust animals. Their special long hair makes them very resistant to cold temperatures.
Due to her pride of having Two blessings she makes sure to have her horns on display.
However she dislikes how her horns look so much, she doesn't think it's a trait meant to be for a girl as pretty as her.
Therefore she covers them with Narcissus in order to hide them as much as possible.

(Plus the narcissus, with their captivating aroma, help her toning down that strong odor which is characteristic from the musk ox...)
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CaramelRandom's avatar
pretty gorgeous! <3
Berryzem's avatar
Ohhh I like the story behind the blessing display :wow:. She's so adorable! 
JapanZelda's avatar
Such a cutie girl, she's looks very innocent and sweet! >w>
Chimeeri's avatar
Aaaaahhh so cute and innocent! <3 I love the horns and flowers!
You are such a wonderful artist, keep up the great work  kaomoji set 1 9/19 by megaman5000
EixirtXin's avatar
That is so freaking adorable! 💓💓
EixirtXin's avatar
That is so freaking cute 💓💓
ImaginationGhost's avatar
whY ARE ALL THESE ANNIES SO CUTe? -  she's so adorable qwq
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Aaah she's so cute!! Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
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YAYY MY ANNIE IS OUT ❤️ thank you rina for my beautiful baby, i love her so so much!!!
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Good Job Star  A mysterious user thinks you did a good job!  
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My favorite flower is one of the blessings of an Annie designed by my favorite artist ;v; I think I'm the blessed one after all hahaha

Amazing concept and art!
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ahh omg she looks very cute and innocent //v// ♥
raining-petals's avatar
All Annies are special. Each one holds a special charm and uniqueness but I must confess that, this is the cutest and most pure one out of all of them.
Rina-san's style brought out such an innocent and sweet lady to light! 
sulyia's avatar
i think this is the prettiest annie i've seen so far :iconcraiplz: the owner is so lucky!!
Kawaii-Says-Meow's avatar
What a privilege to have Rina's work here again! This sweetie is absolutely beautiful, and the design is incredible!
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very cute good job!
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You're always making such adorable things. Haven't you ever thought about making something a little bit more...darker?
Panda--adopts's avatar
She looks so gorgeous!
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Gorgeous! Such a great design *.*
Her face is soo precious kaomoji set 2 33/67  
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