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Day 2 - Bigarreau de Mezel Cherry

Day 2 - Bigarreau de Mezel cherry
           Ciresi by Yamio   
Annie blessings:
What kind: Bigarreau de Mezel cherry
Eye traits: Common round
Rarity:  Common
About: Being blessed by the Bigarreau de Mezel cherry, the fruit from the Prunus Avium, she has dark red eyes and brings a sweet cherry scent wherever she goes!
Her fruit is juicy and has a very good flavor. She is happy to share it with her friends daily!
She is quite in touch with her blessing, making her able to sprout out twigs from her back, resembling wings.
Brimming with lots of fruits. The leaves also helps her to maintain energy with their photosynthesis. 
So she does not get tired very easily.

A short hair cut to not get it tangled into the branches. 
Lovely warm dress accoppined with shoes that presents her blessing's colour the best.
She is a girl with class and warmth at the same time. Cherries icon 

HANANNIE EVENT 2017 by Yamio

SB: 60$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 325$

Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!
Snipe guard 2 hours!
light cherry blossom To take part of our lovely community, please join our Discord!light cherry blossom 
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FernaSra's avatar
WOAAAAA She is so pretty!!!
ALeMeryA's avatar
I love your style and this one is really cute!
teaerine's avatar
i love your style of eyelashes
as well as the super cute big feet <3
itsnolachum's avatar
Pumiu's avatar
Ahhh the design and the coloring are amazing ;o; F2U || Pink Bunny Bounce 
Nonzev's avatar
Love this design! The lace in her hair is my fav! Pemiin's coloring is so beautiful. Wonderful Annie ♡
SheepishSleepySheep's avatar
EEEP So CUTE!! The whole Victorian theme with the veil makes her so beautiful. You are a master at coloring Pemiin! I hope to be that good someday U.U
01nu's avatar
sO amazing as always omh ahhg :heart: :heart: I LOVE THE WARM TONES & THE BRANCHES YEEE WOWS
ViPOP's avatar
AHH EVE EVE EVE Pemiin YOU DID SUCH A WONDERFUL JOB >W< I love the leaves and how they give her energy ! hnngh eve and yami and zat and everyone are my leaves <333 sending lots of love to you all >W<
Pemiin's avatar
jdhfjdshfjhdf THANK YOU VI Q____Q <33333333
Sending you tons of love back ♥
OhMyGob's avatar
💜💜💜💜💜💜 :heart: :heart:
Aaaw! She looks so delicate!
Berryzem's avatar
Oh my goodness the lace and dress details! >////////< her eyes and the cherries really pop too. She's so shiny and pretty Pemiin =w=
Mikabunni's avatar
Ah I fucking love this one
valentheena's avatar
omogoodness. she's so~ cute! ^^
JapanZelda's avatar
Oh god, what a lovely girl! I love the colors so much!
zuki1214's avatar
Luna-is-me's avatar
Oh hang on it's by someone else? Sorry it isn't very clear Sweating a little... 
Mr-Pink-Rose's avatar
She looks very cute!!!
lumenix's avatar
AriaPuff's avatar
OMG this is so pretty~
ShoujoParadox's avatar
Yay I was right!
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