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Day 19 White Silkie Chicken | Cyclamen Flower


Day 19 White Silkie Chicken | Cyclamen Flower

White Silkie Chicken by Sueweetie  Cyclamen Flowers by Sueweetie
Blessings: 2
What kind: White Silkie Chicken + Cyclamen Flower
Eye traits: Flower Shaped Pupil
Rarity: Uncommon

White Silkie Chicken, is named and distinguish for its unique white fluffy plumage that covers them from head to toe. It is often said that it feels like
silk and satin! White plumage is not their only color, sometimes they can come in brown, black or white/grey plumage! Despite their white fur, they possess 
very unique features such as black/blue skin and 5 toes on each foot (most chickens only have 4). Silkies are actually more of a ornamental breed and can be 
kept as pets because of their appearance. They are known as one of the most docile animals because of their calm and friendly temperament. They endure harsh
winter very well. In fact, they like to snuggle onto your lap so you can keep each other warm <3

Cyclamen Flowers, is a beautiful bright red colored flower that grows only in the winter. During autumn, the leaves will start to grow but flowers
generally bloom only when winter comes. When spring season comes, the flowers will start to wilt and die! There are cyclamen breeds that grow in the 
spring/autumn but their petals will mostly be white with a light shades of pink. Their petals are unique for its shape that resembles a shuttlecock or fairy
wings! The name cyclamen comes from the Latin "cyclamnos" which in turn comes from the Greek "kuklaminos" and "kuklos" which means cycle, circle, 
or wheel. 

Cyclamen flowers decorated from top to toe, as well in her outfit coordination, to show off her fondness to them.
A fluffy white coat made of Silkie Chicken feathers to keep her warm and cozy during the winter!
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Berryzem's avatar
Ohwwwaaaah how cute! I need that coat X'D and those boots! My goodness those boots! (I have a weakness for over-the-knee boots orz) she looks pretty, Sueweetie!
fiyunae's avatar
the colors in this bab are to die for ; A ; Sueweetie did a wonderful job and the background is so so perfect and fitting!
Kawaii-Says-Meow's avatar
What a precious design! Sueweetie has done a wonderful job!
Seerfree's avatar
So cute, I love the outfit on the right ^^ 
Meri-eyeless's avatar
its so cute and adorablela in love 
g8ut's avatar
very cute good job!
WordKnight's avatar
So pretty. Love the colors.
rce-ordinary's avatar
i really love the design of this one! the hair and the boots are so cute, and oh so are everything! great job!
BlueSketchingWalrus's avatar
This is one of my fave Annie's this year ahh she's so precious I love her outfit she's so fashionable //// and gorgeous. I love her to bits <3 amazing job! 
SpirittheHedgehog333's avatar
with the designs you are doing of these cute character on each day, I can see them working really well as an actual doll 
kind of like these ones for example…
JapanZelda's avatar
Blblblb, her hair, god, her hair! <3
Nihmei's avatar
NovaReeee's avatar
Them boots Thomas the Tank Engine Chat Icon I like.
LiliCharm's avatar
This is gorgeous, I love the blessing combo! =u=
Ethii's avatar
!! She's super pretty , I love her more 'down to earth' feel with the fashion 💕💕💕
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