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Day 19 - Pink Rose and Unicorn

Day 19 - Pink Rose & Unicorn
    U8r3NgT by Yamio Yamiannie Heart By Vi Rina Kane Hyan Pem By Pemiin by Yamio    U8r3NgT by Yamio  
Annie blessings:
What kind: Pink Rose & Unicorn
Eye traits: Glowing Rose Pupils
Rarity:  Mythical
About: Pink rose stands for all types of love. Specifically love between the same genders. 
The darker pink roses have a much stronger scent than the more gentle pale ones.
To produce the famous Rose oil you need over 2000 roses for just 1gram of Rose oil. Expensive!
Royal gardens often have huge packs of roses, blooming all over. 
A sign of wealth, sturdyness and passion! Rose's Rose 

A unicorn symbolize love and faithful marriage. 
They have quite the aggressive love towards the fair maidens, which is the only ones known to tame it!
Making the fearful Unicorn calm and docile. 
To capture Unicorns, fair maidens was often used as bait, so the Unicorn would stop by and be curious, for hunters to then attack it.
This makes it very fearful towards humans and especially men who take advantage of the women.
Their horns are known to cleanse any poison there is. So having a cup made by the horn is every royal's desire!
However many were fooled by people by this, as in fact what they sold were the poor Narwhals horns!
The unicorn is a might creature with a lot of magic to withhold.

This Royal Annie, blessed by Pink Roses and a Unicorn, is very greatly revered and respected.
Her magical capabilities is far unknown, but the potential is enormous. 
She makes sure to show of her roses by having them growing out of her tailbone, large and luscious, behind her curls.
Her Unicorn horn has a rainbow sheen to it brimming with magic. The light outfit is to make her move as freely as possible.
As she has quite the bit to carry around. GIF Gravity Falls - A Pony (Celestabellebethabell) 

SB: 100$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 500$

Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!
Snipe guard 2 hours!
ANNIETINE EVENT 2017 by Yamio 
light cherry blossom To take part of our lovely community, please join our Discord!light cherry blossom 
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I absolutely love this one~ F2U | Smol Rose BulletF2U | Smol Rose BulletF2U | Smol Rose BulletF2U | Smol Rose Bullet

Yamio's avatar
Awww thank you so much!!! Honoured!! ♥♥♥
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Oh my this is certainly amazing looking^^ Yes well done~
Valentinita516's avatar
Cuando será el dia en que Yamio situe bien las cabezas xd
Carsowe's avatar
ya lo hace prra
Valentinita516's avatar
Mmmmm, no he visto dibujos de frente total en los cuales Yamio los tirue BIEN (sin inclinacion en cuanto a cabeza ojos, nariz.)
Y si es que ha subido alguno, no los he visto~
Maria-Nechan's avatar
Pues mira ella hace los dibujos como quiere y si no te gusta pues no los veas!!es l hay k ser tonto
Valentinita516's avatar
Ay mira, se que es así, pero comete esos fallos.
y perdoname mi linda pero lo se, e una critica constructiva de un pequeño detalle que hace que el dibujo pueda ser mejor.
Y la idiota tontita estas siendo tu al insultarme sin necesidad ni motivo porque yo no lo he hecho<3
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Ahhh// The design is so elegant and gorgeous! !<33
lumenix's avatar
Candy-Meow's avatar
aaa so pretty and graceful! very feminine and cute <3333
I love the pink, and the curls and the roses <33
DeviantArtDebil's avatar
Hej~ Den här bilden är så vacker! Jag vet inte vad ska jag säga...du är bara fantastiskt^^ Jag älskar sååå mycket håret och rosorna och färgerna...ja, allt faktiskt ~!  <3
Förlåt mina misstag, min svenska är inte så bra. Men jag försökte~)
Royal-Pride-Arts's avatar
Jellyfishbubblez's avatar
This is beautiful Yamis! :heart:
I just adore all of your Annie designs!
The quest artists's designs are also gorgeous! 
Really well done on all of the annies so far. ^^
Ghostlyfang's avatar
Your art is to die for!! Aaah I love randomly seeing your art it's so freaking pretty. ;w;
that1p0tat0's avatar
so gorgeous! I love it!!!! OwO so so so so prettyyyyyyyHamtaro Mouse Emoji-02 (Kawaii) [V1] 

oh and by the way… there haven’t been any new youtube videos? It’s completely fine but out of curiosity… why? sorry I just look forward to your speedpaints a lot haha ;-;” it’s ok idk >///< sorry you should probably ignore this... either way gorgeous Annie! great character design and art style!

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aww pretty =)=) 
InkyBoii's avatar
Oh i know you you're from YT!
Btw cute art! :D
JapanZelda's avatar
Haaaaan, such a cutie! ><
inioli's avatar
gosh. she looks great!! i love the design soo much ; o ;
weatherly23's avatar
Huh, so that's what a pink rose represents. Now It makes sense why Rose Quartz and Steven have a pink rose theme.
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