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Day 18 White Barn Owl | Sweet Alyssum

Day 18 White Barn Owl | Sweet Alyssum
   Viburnum Opulus By Neko Rina-dbtjcqb Day 3 by Yamio  Barn-Owl- day 18 by Yamio 

Blessing names: White Barn Owl | Sweet Alyssum
How many Blessings: 2
Rarities: Uncommon
Eyes: Common Round
Barn owls are natural born hunters, stalking all small prey animals that scavenge the earth's grounds.  This Annie is nothing short of a specialist in battle and hunt.
 She enjoys the thrill of a chase and tends to be more skilled in stealth than hand-to-hand combat, though that doesn't mean she's not ready to put up a fight when necessary.  
Barn owls are known for their eerie, "ghost-like" faces and silent flight, so she is often complimented on her beautiful yet haunting appearance, her dark eyes standing out amongst her otherwise pale display.

Outside of the battlefield, this Annie doesn't mind visually flaunting her good fortune, but you will not catch her bragging about her many skills and good looks.
She takes things as they are and would rather demonstrate her talents than boast about them.  She doesn't have much patience for those that are "all bark and no bite".
 Only those she holds dearly to her will get the opportunity to see a peek at what must come from her Sweet Alyssum blessing.  She can be motherly and affectionate, even a bit shy at times.  
They say she an aroma of honey and you can sometimes catch her watching the snow fall contently in quiet solitude.
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xXPotatoChanXx's avatar
OML! This is the first artwork of yours I have seen, and I just fell in love with it! Keep the great work up! :P
SoulMarabae's avatar
I watched you on snapchat, i haven't seen you in a while! i hope you are doing better and feeling well!!
JapanZelda's avatar
Wow, very adorable! I love the soft colors!
honicafe's avatar
aaaaaa so pretty oml ////// ♥♥♥
Kawaii-Says-Meow's avatar
What a lovely design!
Berryzem's avatar
I've been waiting...hoping...for a barn owl Annie. Man, I really wish I could have bought her. I can barely process the details on this Annie's outfit, wow! Well...if I can't own her, maybe I'll do some fanart. Her design is breathtaking, Denae. Yamato Crying Icon 
Aizuumi's avatar
it looks so cute, i love every detailHeart 
i feel that it looks different from your usual artstyle....maybe its just me, anyway its really beautiful >///<
Njaesen's avatar
It is a guest artist that did the design. denaesketch 
Aizuumi's avatar
oh CURSE YOU!hehe , thank u for telling me :) (Smile) 
Njaesen's avatar
No worries! I am glad to help, might give you a new artist to follow! 
Illyanna-Tohka's avatar
This one is absolutely stunning and my favorite annie so far <3 
sulyia's avatar
so beautiful //// this might be one of my favs!! denae made an incredible job!!
Rohariel's avatar
This is so whimsical, and gorgeous, I love it Emote: Heart Eyes 
FL0RP's avatar
Simply astonishing~<33
Eiyre's avatar
This is so pretty, I'm in love with how soft it is
Nihmei's avatar
She's beautiful !
cottonch33s3cak3kit's avatar
Omg she’s so regal and pretty and ahhhh
Panda--adopts's avatar
She looks so beautiful 
Njaesen's avatar
Ah my beautiful baby! 
Ethii's avatar
DENAE OHMY SHES SO --- I do not have words ;-;
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