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Day 16 Honeywort |Siberian Flying Squirrel

Day 16 Honeywort |Siberian Flying Squirrel
2679dc6da597b6cc7c89804473a42466  Lawns The Bee By by Yamio  Siberian Japanese Dwarf Flying Squirrel Fb  700 By by Yamio 
Annie Blessings: 2
Kind: Honeywort |Siberian Flying Squirrel
Eye Traits: Uncommon, Snowflake shaped pupil
Rarity: Uncommon
Siberian Flying Squirrel: An old world species of flying squirrels that can glide from tree to tree.
During the winter they often hide in the snow to avoid predators. Although they do not hibernate during the winter, they do sleep for several days at a time.
Honeyworts: They are flowers that grow year long and can withstand harsh weather.
Self-sowing and low maintenance, Honeyworts tend to be a good addition to gardens especially if you want to add a nice color. They are loved by bees.

This annie loves to sleep in the cold snow, often times curling up into a ball in a small pit of snow to make her sleep comfortable.
Many are attracted to her because of her nice scent and welcoming air. Often times she gives others small gifts out of pure happiness and care for others; she's sometimes seen gliding with presents to give.
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Colour so incredible!! I love!!! So pretty!! aaaaa!! :heart:
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oh my goodness!! she's so pretty, her colours and clothes are crazy beautiful!! her description is adorable *o* the blessings are so amazing too! great job on her, AtlasNir! i imagine her owner is very pleased >w<
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Snowflake pupil?! :wow: this Annie is amazing! One of my favorite things about these designs is the research of different species brings forth plants and animals that you don't often, if ever, see and combines them to create characters like this. I'm all about the ribbon, too~ aaaah! Yamato Eager Icon 
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ahhh omg look at her dress details //v// <3
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This is based off my brother
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Haaaaan, so adorable! I love it!
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Wow, love that dress!
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Omg, you inspire me a lot!
MousieMemeQueen's avatar
Love the choice of colors!
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They're so pretty! I love the colours and the shading ;u;
DiaCrownyCrown's avatar
ahh! I love the colors!
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Haaanw She's very pretty !! ; v;
Kawaii-Says-Meow's avatar
AtlasNir is one of the best designers out there~ HHHHJJJGDSSF, THIS IS WONDERFUL!
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AtlasNir 's designs are always so pretty adgsajfjkghjsl !! >///w///< ♥♥
such a colourful babe ahhh q___q ♥
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Thank you so much T___TT
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Omgggg so cute!!!
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