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Day 13 Balsam Fir |Gardenia Jasminoides

Day 13 Balsam Fir |Gardenia Jasminoides
Abies Balsamea By Pemiin-dbv7vjg by Yamio  Gardenia Jasminoides By Pemiin-dbv7vku by Yamio 

Blessing names: Balsam Fir | Gardenia Jasminoides
How many Blessings: 2
Rarities: Uncommon
Eyes: Round

Balsam Fir is a powerful, green tree with brown cones sticking out from its branches.
It's one of the most common trees to use for Christmas, but it's resin can also be used to create Canada Balsam,
which was traditionally used as a cold remedy and as glue for glasses and optical instrument components.
In more modern days, It's used for its wonderful woody, fresh scent and is also used to fight sore throats, inflammations, 
muscle pain, respiratory and dental problems. 

Gardenia Jasminoides is a plant with beautiful, highly fragrant white flowers, with shiny, green leaves that will stay green all year round!
If the leaves turn yellow, it's a sign of chlorosis, which can cause the plant to die. 
In contrary to the Balsam Fir, it grows in warmer climate and is widely used in gardens.
It's common in certain areas to use the flowers as a necklaces. You can also use the flowers to create yellow dye, which you can use for food and clothing!

This Annie isn't decorated like a traditional Christmas tree, but rather with beautiful, blooming flowers blessed by her Gardenia Jasminoides and cones that was blessed from the Balsam Fir. 
A quite careful and shy Annie, who only wants to do good and heal the people in need. She does that by creating potions from the resin that comes out of her cones.
It may look the best when the resin comes out, but it has great healing properties on many parts of the body and can ease pain and tension after a long battle or fight!
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Oh wowww I've never seen these flowers before. This color palette is really refreshing to see. I adore her dress and bow too. Wonderful job, Pemiin! >//////<
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Haaaan, she's so adorable!
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So cute...! ^///^
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super it
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What a cute chibi! The colours are lovely and I love how the green symbolises new life~ And the design is brilliant!
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So very kawaii!!
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I love this design omg so pretty! I love her to bits <3!! 
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thats a super pretty looking character
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Aw it's so cute >w<
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Woaah she's so pretty !
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It's so pretty *3*
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Ahhh what a gorgeous girl!! ;o;
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Ahh I love this annie's design so much!! She's adorable Pemiin ;;w;;
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uwaaah thank you so much Cael ;;___;; <33333333333333
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Amazing work, Pem!
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