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DAY 16 - Lisianthus and Leopard Annie

DAY 16 - Lisianthus & Leopard Annie 
  Deta-3280 by Yamio Leopard-001 by Yamio  
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Annie blessings:
What kind: Apricot Lisianthus & Leopard Annie 
Eye traits: Super Rare glowing round pupils
Rarity:  Super rare
About: Delicate and eye-catching, this Annie is blessed with Apricot lisianthus and Leopard!
Lisianthus flowers are best suited for warm climates and was traditionally a symbol of romantic desire.
In flowers language lisianthus means "The joining of two people for a lifelong bond". 
One of it's most common uses is being a decorative flower for weddings and bride bouquets.
They are elegant flowers just like roses yet delicate as peonies and with a wonderful aroma. orchid and leafs l 

In ancient times Leopard was believed to be an hybrid of a lion and a panther, therefore its name is a compound of both words.
When hunting they communicate with each other using their ears and tails by positioning them in certain ways.
They're often mistaken for cheetahs but they're not that similar in fact. Leopards are a lot more aggressive and quite smaller than cheetah along with other differences.
Be careful with her, treat her gently or you may end up with a bite if she gets angry!
What do you think? Are you brave enough to tame this beauty? ♥ Neko star

SB: 75$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 400$

Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!
Snipe guard 2 hours!

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MahouShoujoIceStar's avatar
I'm interested in the model you used. Is it for sale?
Cinnarmon's avatar
omg soo cuteNico Icon 
Claudeuphoria's avatar
This is super cute~ and the colors are very nice! Pink Heart Icon 
Sannah-chan's avatar
This colors are so ...Waw !~<3 Good job !
bian-ks's avatar
So beautiful <33
Candy-Meow's avatar
aaa the color palette! <33
Kryonikk's avatar
Aaah, the combination of the blue sparkly eyes and the pale yellow colour scheme is so nice and vibrant :love: 
lumenix's avatar
cottonch33s3cak3kit's avatar
So nicely blended colors~
JapanZelda's avatar
Haaaaan, lovely cutie pie! I love the colors!
Miridith's avatar
This one is my favourite~!!! Ahhh she is to pretty!!! ** :heart:
neru-ju's avatar
This is so pretty ♥
dawnchi's avatar
hhh vi and rina's styles look so pretty together <3
and i love the design ;w; //weeps
Nonzev's avatar
AHHHH!!!!!! Smexy and Neko-Rina did so amazing!!! Their styles really mesh together beautifully! I honestly cant quite pinpoint who did what but I have a guess lol :heart: I love her design so light and bright and fun and cute! I love her hair braids!!! So amazing so amazing.
Berryzem's avatar
Ahhh so colorful! Just looking at those leaves makes me happy Onionhead diva - Onion head they're such a nice touch when juxtaposed with the oranges and yellows. Wonderful job you two!
rce-ordinary's avatar
so cute, i really love the colors. they did a grat job for this one!
DisabledAccount's avatar
Omggg how cute/////
I adore the colours
Maria-Nechan's avatar
Awwe so cute OwO
Yamio's avatar
Neko-Rina's avatar
Congrats dear! You're the winner of the auction ♥
I'll contact you shortly about the payment :3
Fluffypuffylu's avatar
AHHhh oh my gosh thank you so much!!! I'm sorry i couldn't offer as much as i wanted too ;n; Thank you so much again!! <3 >u<
ViPOP's avatar
hi fluffy! I'll be contacting you with the other half of the payment today ! <3 
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