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DAY 14 - White mouse

DAY 14 - White mouse
     White-laboratory-mice-mother-with-pups-which-are-9 by Yamio  Whitelabmouse (1) by Yamio 
Annie blessings:
What kind:White Mouse
Eye traits: Common round pupils
Rarity: Common
About: White mice are easy pets to look after and when cared for correctly, rarely become sick. 
They make good pets for children and become friendly toward their owner when handled every day. 
White mice need lots of exercise and things to do. They are nocturnal mammals and sleep through the day, becoming active at night, just like most human teenagers!

This Annie likes to easily get around, which you can see by her swift but cute clothing. Adorable accessories and a adorable flower pattern to keep her girly yet tomboyish look!
Having her tail formed as a heart for the special Valentines--- does this mean anything for people around her perhaps? Kao Emoji-08 (Kyaa Cute and Shy) [V1] 

SB: 50$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!
Snipe guard 2 hours!

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MochimochMeow's avatar
This is AMAZING i love the lineart and coloring and design and her little face and that FLOOFY HAIR and oh my goodness this is probably the best thing i've come across so far
Pemiin's avatar
Puni did such an amazing job on this!! Q____Q
She's so tiny and cute that I'd love to hug her ♥
All the details and colouring bind it all together so perfectly ~
cottonch33s3cak3kit's avatar
Oh my lord jesus that is the most adorable thing I've seen today
MiddyRose's avatar
Ohh so cute <3 I've owned 2 pet white mice and they are always so friendly and social <3
Pemiin's avatar
Puni, you did such an amazing job on this! So incredibly cute!! So many accessories too that makes it sparkle even more ~ ♥
JapanZelda's avatar
Maaaaaah so cute, god! 
inioli's avatar
gosh. she's sooo pretty!! 
i love her dress so much ;///;
ColdHandsNWonderland's avatar
I'm a broke hoe, I can't afford nice things like this, sadly.
Squishibear's avatar
PuniSama This is just absolutely gorgeous <3 ; ////;
PuniSama's avatar
thank you so much Valy! Q//o//Q <3
berrysquid's avatar
PuniSama I think this might be one of my favorite designs of your *v* sHE'S SO CUTE!!!
Her color palette is everything I want in life jfc I just love it so much //hhhhh
This design just make me want to pat her on the head ;;w;; you did amazing, Puni! Best of luck selling this lovely girl~
PuniSama's avatar
thank you so so much berry!! <3
I'm so happy to hear that! Q//v//Q <3
berrysquid's avatar
You're welcome!!!
peoyne's avatar
too cute n o n
lumenix's avatar
rce-ordinary's avatar
she is so adorable! i really love the ribbon and the flowers on her tail
Nonzev's avatar
She's so cute! Puni really captured the essence of a little mouse! So soft and cuddly and delicate looking. :heart:
KaPaChan's avatar
This sooo adorable!! I think white mice are totally cute!
Berryzem's avatar
OoO....I want that dress. There is so much, I-I can't. How can so much adorable-ness fit into one picture? Punisama how...? The way she's designed suits the outfit too. So darn adorable >///////<
Maria-Nechan's avatar
so cutie mouse!!
Miridith's avatar
Ahh she is so pretty~!! Love it! *U* :heart:
CrimsonQueen97's avatar
So beautiful! Amazing work PuniSama 
PuniSama's avatar
thank you! //v\\ <3
Yessssssss a Punisama Annie!! So delicate and cute~ ;o;
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