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DAY 14 - Mute Swan

DAY 14 -Mute Swan
   Mute Swan by Yamio  Mute Swan2 by Yamio 
Annie blessings:
What kind: Mute Swan
Eye traits: Common round pupils
Rarity: Common
About: A graceful animal with a big body, short legs, flat bill with a bulging knob and wings similar to an angel. ~
The mute Swan has been an inspiration in many fairytales and ballet performances, due to it's long elegant neck and beautiful wings!
They are also popular for their monogamy behaviour which has made the Mute Swan a common symbol for love, as they stay with their partner for life!

But even though they are such a beautiful animal, you should still be wary. They are very territorial and will attack without hesitation if you get too close, so be careful.angel wing right 

This elegant Annie wears ballet inspired clothing to honour her precious Swan blessing. Being a symbol of love is a high standard to live up to, and the pressure to be the most lovable can get to her.
Gold, jewelry and accessories covers her body. Dancing in the evenings hoping to get her loves attention, expression herself through dance, this Annie is truly, a Mute Swan. 

SB: 50$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!
Snipe guard 2 hours!

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The Auction has ended! ♥
Yamio is busy, so she can't edit it until she is back ;w;/
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Pemiin I love your designs so much and I adore this beautiful design, I am actually inlove with this design!
Pemiin's avatar
gdjasdgjads ///////// <3333333333333333
Happy you love it gosh ;;/___///
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the colors are so soft and nice :O
sakur1ta's avatar
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Wow, her design is really cool too! I love it, nice job!
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omg great job. ;/////;
the design looks so nice--- i love the colors so much /cries
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OH MY GOODNESS Pemiin she is absolutely gorgeous!!!
The dress incorporates all the typical swan elements but still is super unique; that's always hard to pull off @.@ but it looks amazinggg
The way the gold accents and hair (ESPECIALLY THE HAIR) are shaded perfectly~
Gosh I'm so in love ;;w;; if only I had the money! Best of luck in selling her, although I'm sure you hardly need it!
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hsdsagdashd Thank you Berry!! ///__///;; ♥
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sO GORGEOUS YOU GUYS AHHHHH :iconcraiplz: she's so delicate and soft looking ahhhhhhh T------T <33
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Beautiful design!
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She looks very lovely...I love her outfit design!
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this is so beautiful! i love the design and the colors
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She's so beautiful!!! :heart: :heart: I love her design so much! Pemiin did amazing!!! The temptation O_O
Maria-Nechan's avatar
aww Pemon so good job i love it!!
Juveon's avatar
she is gorgeus! this design is amazing! i love it so much i swear if i had the money i would AB this cutie right away-
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Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] Those wings look so soft! I really like the gold in her hair too. She looks graceful, Pemiin. Beautiful job! ^.^/ 
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