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Constellannie 2020 | 9|1

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Day 9|1

Blessing Name: Giant Bison | Leucistic Ball Python | Sacred Lotus
How Many Blessings: 3
Rarity: Super Rare
Eyes: Glowing Snake Pupil

Description of Blessings and Annie:

The Giant Bison [Bison latrifrons] is an extinct North American bison species.
It was a prehistoric megafauna, with a size larger than any extant or existent 
bovid. With a pair of long horns growing up to 213 cm (84 in), the giant bison
was a powerhouse and exuded an aura of strength and stability. However,
much like their descendants, they only became violent when going against
predators, and were otherwise herbivores who loved to graze in large fields.

The leucistic ball python is a genetic mutation of the regular ball python
[Python regius]The mutation causes the snake's body to be completely 
white when born. Leucistic animals are differentiated from albino animals
by the lack of red eyes especially; leucistic ball pythons instead have
striking blue eyes. Ball pythons in general can grow up 182 cm (72 in)
and originate from Sub-Saharan Africa. The snake species got its 
common name from the way they tend to curl into a ball when
frightened or threatened. In African cultures, they are seen as 
saviors, and are treated with respect. They are also a symbol
of healing, guidance, rebirth, and intellect in various cultures.

The sacred lotus [Nelumbo nucifera] is a pink and white flower species that
has roots in India, East Asia, and Southeast Asia especially. In Hindusim 
and Buddhism, this lotus is sacred and viewed as a symbol of divinity,
immortality, patience, and enlightenment. Nearly every part of the plant 
is consumed by humans, whether for food, traditional medicine, etc. The 
plant's seeds have incredible longevity; within the past few years, some 
(still viable) seeds in particular have been given an estimated age of 
over 1000 years.

Optional Personality:
With centuries to her name, the Libra goddess has been a graceful
maternal figure to many. Long ago, a child of her own tragically 
passed, and with grief in her heart, she resolved to take every 
other living being under her proverbial wing as if they were her
own. Although time has since passed, beneath her strong and 
put-together exterior are many deep hurts and scars from her

SB: 350$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 750$
Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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SCCRLM2's avatar

Love the pastel colors of the design and the concept for her. Bless this lovely Annie!

LadyMegami's avatar

Sincere and beautiful, but sadness as well. A sad goddess is how I see her, no matter how much time pass, she's still hurt. Love the boots.

AngeliSugar's avatar


It is undoubtedly my favorite color combination, it is very cute, you can see how delicate it is, but her little face with tears makes me sad :(

Yamio's avatar

AHHHHH DSOFJD A GODESS HaS BEEN CREATED!!! So so beautiful, Queen and Nu!! You both did an amazing job working on this bab!! I adore the plates of water being at different angles and not all the same, together with the snake that really ties the whole piece together!!! The colouring and design are both marvelously done! Amazing work, both of you!! 2018YupiANanEmote017

JapanZelda's avatar

She's so pretty, my god, I love her outfit so much! So gorgeous!

Ciapura's avatar

Oh, such a pretty snek c: Those light colors are so gorgeous and I love her long legs with the scaly design on them!

DarkMoonlitStar's avatar

She is so ethereal and pretty. All the soft colors go so well together! Very lovely and beautiful all around QwQ

LittleBlueMuffin's avatar

Asdfghjk she is just so gorgeous!! I LOVE all of the colors, they go so well together...! Her hairpiece and veil placement is just so unique as well...!! Beautiful work!! <33

VilmaMonster's avatar

This annie is enchanting by her coloring - i think that these delicate gradients with glow are inspirited by sacred lotus. Her expression is a mirror of her personality - the tear demonstrates her drama, the other part of her face is her consolation in giving support for somebody else. First i thought that her blessing of python is demonstrated by python as by an animal in this art. But i noticed the scales on her body - they are created in elegant manner. An combination of horns and veil creates a wonderful hair decor that fits well to a fairy.

rce-ordinary's avatar

she is so pretty, i love the dreamy colors here. her veil is splendid, her hair is smooth and beautiful, and her clothing is majestic. the details and the glow are beautiful as well. fantastic job!

ShiroEsuna's avatar

oh my goodness, this bb is absolutely stunning ;o;

her colors all suit so well together, and the painting is

so well done!!!! you two did amazing ToT ♥

kittengeist's avatar

I really really love the lotus patterns and zodiac symbol on her outfit!! Really brings out a serene feeling that adds to the softness of her overall design.

Kourakia's avatar

NU AND QUEEN IS A COLLAB I DIDNT KNOW I NEEDED UNTIL TODAY OML, THE DREAMY SOFT COLORS AND GORGEOUS EDGE CONTROL WITH THE PAINTING IS JUST ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!! I lovE the soft radiance of the lotus' and the triangle of shading above where the shoe bends from foot to toe is so so lovelY, like just that small touch gives the angle so much power and especially on the atmospherically shaded leg I feel like it really pops and helps the shoes to not look too flat in comparison with the dynamic fabric! WHICH I ALSO. AAAA. The color shifts and way it tugs and bends is jUST *CHEFS KISS*


01nu's avatar

omg Raki HAHA THANK you for noticing even the teeny details 😂 ♥ glad you like her!!

kikiTV20's avatar

I love the pink and blue together!

01nu's avatar

Thank you !!!

KittyDaUnicorn's avatar

ohh my goodness nu and queen TTOTT this bab is an absolute stunner;;!! the light colours are so ethereal, the lanterns, glowing details and falling water around her really makes her look like a goddess ;u; the sheer and draping material and that gorgeous white snake make the composition really shine !!

this is definitely one of my favourites from this event, incredible job you two <33

01nu's avatar

Thank you pastella!! Glad you like her :"3 <333

shelselle's avatar

EEE this girl has such a heavenly aura to her, can’t stop looking at all her clothing cool details!!! the veil is such a pretty aspect too, and the creamy whites and pinks and blues are my fav! amazing collab 😭💕❤️🌸💕

01nu's avatar

TY very much Shel <333 🥺

Jetvoidfox96's avatar
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