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Constellannie 2020 | 7|2

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Day 7|2

Blessing Name: Red Lion Amaryllis | Kalahari Lion
How Many Blessings: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Eyes: Common Round

Description of Blessings and Annie:

Kalahari Lions are a sub-species of lion that have darkest mane of all sub-species.
Instead of having a brown mane like other lions, theirs can gradient to be pitch black.
They have longer legs, and built to be light on their feet and quick footed. They're 
known to go to great lengths and travel great distances while stalking and hunting 
prey their, with amazing diligence and determination.

The Red Lion Amaryllis, or Hippeastrum, is named after the petals shape that
resembles lion mane. It has a bright fiery red color, and mainly grows in full sun 
climates. It is a very diverse and resilient plant, making it easy to care for and 
raise by beginners or experts alike. It is one of the most famous Amaryllis flowers, 
because of its bright and beautiful visage, and easy to care for nature.

Optional Personality:

[This Annie is on the older side, to acquire this sort of strength as an UC]

This protective lady is based on Chinese Guardian Lion statues, also known as Shishi!
Thus, she's a strong protector and guardian. She usually has a  stone cold face, but
very protective personality to her loved ones and town. She will not let anything get
in the way of her goal. As a duel sword wielder, she is sometimes hired to do assassin
jobs because of her amazing speed and accuracy with her blades. She cares about no
one but her princess and town, whom she swore to protect with her life. She is revered
as the symbol of peace in her town and vows that it will stay that way as long as she lives.
She has twin lion friends that follow her everywhere she goes, they have tiny cute form 
when relaxed but HUGE mean full sized lion forms to help her fight. Her super curly mane
hair is gradient, just like her blessing's lion mane. Her floating lanterns help give her light
in the darkness, and she has her hair pinned out of her face for easier fighting. Finally, her
roar is only released when she is in a grave situation, or grief stricken after tragedy.
It can be heard from miles away, by the whole town. 😢

SB: 220$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 520$
Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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LadyMegami's avatar

Oooh, nice to see a chinese inspired design. The extravagant outfit and wild mane. If she can handle fighting in those shoes and hair, I would be very impressed. I probably be scared the tar out of me, if I heard a lion roar from afar.

AngeliSugar's avatar

I love all the textures and details it has, and since red predominates, it also handles it mixing it with other colors, but still noticing red, it is incredible

Ciapura's avatar

I love the dark, bold colors on this one, and her head ornament is so intricate and detailed, it looks super impressive!

ShiroEsuna's avatar

SHEELLLLLLLLL you went off with this design ToT

I love all of her details, and the PALETTE AAH

i think my favorite part is her face, she's just FRNEDWSKAL

rce-ordinary's avatar

the design on this one is exquisite, the colors are very nice. her hair is so lovely and i love the lanterns around her. the story about her is very interesting too!

LittleBlueMuffin's avatar

AHHH, SHEL you did such an amazing job on her!! Her whole design is just so grand, and even the bg is stunning!! Her hair piece/style is AMAZING!! So much detail...!! I also really want her shoes...! <33 Her personality/story is also so interesting...! T A T Beautiful work! <333

somnolent-a's avatar

SHELLLLLL i love how extravagant this design looks! she has a super unique hairstyle and design! i also love the way you shade dark hair! she's such a good representation of her sign :hearts: amazing work!!!!

JapanZelda's avatar

Oh god, she's gorgeous!!! How can she walk with those shoes? I'm so jealous!

SelenaMustang's avatar
Those HEELSSSSS. GIRRRRRLLLLLLL SLICE ME UP! She so fab and those heels look like they can kill. I love the dark colors. I really love this piece!!!!
121GWJolt's avatar


I frickin love how you portray her here; dark and rich to give her an amazing powerful aura that's absolutely perfect for her; steppy bab is AMAZING

kittengeist's avatar

woah woah, powerful lady coming through! i love her overall color palette, and the cute little lions around her! Also those heels exude serious steppy energy and I love it.

CookieTeaa's avatar

Omg Shel shes so pretty! Your designs are always so big and impressive and this one does not disappoint!! Her hair is so puffy I love it, it represent a mane so well! 2018YupiANanEmote016

VilmaMonster's avatar

I find that it will be optimal to hail her personality with the music i found recently:

I like it cause it's very powerful tune that tells me about strong will and pride.

As for the art, Chinese style is recognized easily. The colors are complex to express but they fit her well. As for hair - it's amazing. Hair decor is overwhelming! Her eyes are absolutely feline i think. Lion twins seam to be in too cartoon style. But they express well the features of true Shishi.

I have some hippeastrum plants in home. Their blossom is used to bring me hope in situations, when everything is hopeless. That's why it's precious twice that this flower is chosen for the blessing. Though i can admit that Amarylis and Hippeastrum are 2 different species. But these titles are so mixed that i even don't know how true amarylis look like.

Ineuta's avatar

I knew from the preview that she was going to be a beautiful gal and yet I was still blown away with this design now that she is finally released. I'm especially in awe in your wonderful use of brown. I know brown for me is a little difficult to work with. Plus the green accents and small touches of gold in her design compliment her so well. I can tell she's a queen because only queens can handle double swords with heels like hers. Amazing work :heart:

Shi-Gure's avatar

Ahh yay! I was so look forward to shelselle's Annie! They are always my favourites QAQ

This one is just beautiful, every part! The top of the hair is just so ornate and gorgeous, gold and red is a lovely combination, but the added green add so much! ;;w;;

And then, the floating lanterns are amazing, and the lions are so so cute!

I really love the entire design, wonderful work again QwQ !

shelselle's avatar

omg thank you shigure!! you're always so nice to me, I always look forward to your comments and kindness!! 🥺 <3333333 I've never really used green and red so I was happy to try this palette, and glad you think it turned out well!! (////3////) ❤️❤️❤️

Jetvoidfox96's avatar
Umeboshi-Art's avatar

Oh Shel! I dont know where to start first! Your Annie tunred out absolutely beautifull and AMAZING! Im in love with all her hair *///* Gorgeous work!

shelselle's avatar

THANK YOU UME 😭💕 thrilled that you like her dear!!!

drawnwithlove's avatar

EEEEEE SHEL she's so amazing!!! so grand and beautiful! i love all of her hair, it really looks like a huge mane! and i adore all of her details, and the cute little lions are so adorable!! T0T <33333 i love her optional personality, she seems so protective and fierce! a true beauty kaomoji set 2 67/67 i can tell a lot of love and time went into creating this lovely bab!!! wonderful job bb!! i always look forward to your designs <3

shelselle's avatar

thank you so much mochi eee <333 I wanted the hair to look mane-like so that makes me happy that it does!! AAA THANK YOUUU 🥺💕

Caeldea's avatar

Ahh Shel this girl is stunning!! You work with dark colors so well and I love her long curls and braids! Such a fierce girl who's perfect for as a Leo design <33

shelselle's avatar

thank you so much cae LOVE U i’m happy you noticed how much i love dark palettes 😂 ppl always assume i love pastel most but nope! 👀 so glad you like her and think she is fitting of leo!! ❤️❤️❤️

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