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Constellannie 2020 | 6|1

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Day 6|1

Blessing Name: White Freesia
How Many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common Round

Description of Blessings and Annie:

Delicate freesias are best known for their dainty blooms and profuse citrus scent.
While they are spring blooming in their native environment, they are always in
season with florists. Because seven or more funnel-shaped blooms open along
one side of the stem, they are easy to arrange to show off their beauty. The 
beautiful freesia has several related meanings. Freesia blooms typically mean:


Deeply intuitive and sentimental, Cancer can be one of the most challenging zodiac
signs to get to know. They are very emotional and sensitive, and care deeply about
matters of the family and their home. Cancer is sympathetic and attached to people
they keep close. Cancer is incredibly loyal, sometimes to a fault. Cancers will go to
the ends of the earth and even against their own beliefs to help someone they love. 
earning how to step up for what they believe in—even if it means turning down or 
against a friend—is a lifelong lesson for Cancer.

Optional Personality:

"If you trust me I will always protect you"

This Annie stands for justice and loyalty. If you are one of her friends, you can
always rely on her. But don't stand in her way when she tries to protect a friend,
because she'll do anything for them. If you break through her hard shell, you will
notice her tender and soft character, because she can only show her lovely side
in the quiet moments.

SB: 180$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 400$
Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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LadyMegami's avatar

I can already tell she's a trickster with hidden tricks and moves. But maybe a fantasy fighter, abstract and colorful. A lot thought and detail with this one. Love the weapon.

AngeliSugar's avatar

White, light blue, pink, I love that combination of colors, that purple and gold I also like, that little Annie looks very cute

Ciapura's avatar

The rendering on this is so flawless! I love all the tiny details and how that big lance compliments her outfit so perfectly! c:

ShiroEsuna's avatar


she looks so magical♥♥

really really love the flowers and all her details, she's so well done!!!!!!!

somnolent-a's avatar

AAAH i adore her outfit and the fantasy vibes i get from her design! she looks like a powerful warrior! the flower details on her outfit and around her lance is beautiful as well! congrats on the well deserved AB <33

JapanZelda's avatar

She's pretty cute, I love her spear! Staff? XD

121GWJolt's avatar

I 10/10 would trust her completely with my life

I absolutely LOVE her colors and energy; she looks like she lives the life of a knight and absolutely embraces it. She is absolutely AMAZING

kittengeist's avatar

she's gorgeous ume!! i love the little moon phases on her outfit, and her zodiac constellation in her staff! Those boots are absolutely amazing too!

Ineuta's avatar

This is such a gorgeous design!! all of those details and different patters are very very impressive! It is very difficult to make so many different kinds of patterns come together and look so amazing but you made it work beautifully! I love the extra touched of flowers that hold it all together. Congrats on the AB as well :heart: :heart:

rce-ordinary's avatar

she is so beautiful! her weapon looks so sharp and elegant. her outfit is splendid and i really love the patterns and the flowers on her. great job!

CookieTeaa's avatar

OMG I LOVE THE CANCER LANCER CONCEPT!! She is abosulely gorgeous with so much going on but it call comes together to make a stunning design!! Amazing job Ume!! 2018YupiANanEmote013

Caeldea's avatar

This girll is such a colorful and unique design!! I'm so impressed by how you managed to combine the different patterns in her outfit and the flowers all look amazing too! Congrats on the AB <33

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

Aww thanks a lot Caeldea ^^ It wasn´t easy to make them all match X´D But I´m happy to hear you like her <3<3

Umeboshi-Art's avatar
VilmaMonster's avatar

This annie is very picturesque. I'm used to admire designs with lots of small flowers - it's a mystery for me how to draw them. As for freesia, it's one of my fav flowers - i love them for elegant shape and scent. Though i can describe it not as citrus, but as "violet with peach" and "violet with lemon" (I even had freesia as home pot plant and it was fantastic experience) Though i can admit one freesia fault - their stalks are too mild and fragile and i had to tire them to tall sticks.

It's a good choice to combine freesia and cancer - i can compare cancers will to protect the dearest one with strong freesia scent. Also i can compare cancer's vulnerable nature of cancer with freesia stalks. I know what i say cause i'm a cancer.

It's a good idea to draw her as a warrior - i want to be as shield and sword for what i love and the ones i love (actually i love anime the most) But i feel myself as a chibi and i have special talent to draw cute chibi. I wish to be skillful and brave enough to join an Event like this in role of designer.

PS. I remembered that i saw pot freesias with strong and more compact stalks. But their flowers weren't elegant. And they were almost without crazy freesia scent.

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

Oh VilmaMonster! Thank you so so much for your comment and words! I´m happy to hear that there is a Freesia-Lover out there! Also that you can discribe the scent is a good notice for me!^^

AND that your Cancer,too XD What a coincidence :-DDD

KittyDaUnicorn's avatar

OMG WAAA BEAUTIFUL BABBU!! i adore her super vibrant colour scheme and huge shapes on the outfit !! it's super unique and her weapon is SO COOL ! the detail is super super impressive TT_TT congrats on the ab <33

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

Omg uwu Thanks a lot for your nice words! I had a lot of fun drawing her and I´m happy to hear that you see all the details!

Yamio's avatar

LOVE LOVE the colour scheme so so much!!! The teal-ish blue together with the blonde hair makes for a wonderful combination! The lance is made of such elegance, and the level detail you have is astonishing. Great job Ume!! And congrats on the AB! 2018YupiANanEmote017

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

THANK YOU so so much for your kind words! It means a LOT to me hearing that from you Q///Q I worked very hard on it to do the best on details (even when I think I could add some more...and more...xD) and I´m glad you like her!! <3 <3 Thanks a lot for the oppurtunity to join Constellannie <3

I´ve never met such a nice and lovely group like the Anniverse. Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1]

LittleBlueMuffin's avatar

Ahhh, Ume she is so gorgeous!! T A T I love all of the details throughout her design, there's so much to look at! <33 I absolutely LOVE her cape, it's so unique, and her decked out spear!! Beautiful work!! Also congrats again on the AB! <333

Umeboshi-Art's avatar

Wahh!! THANK YOU so so much! I´m happy to hear that from you. Her cape was really a lot of work, so happy you noticed it! ^^

(Also that I felt in love with your cancer design,too!! Q///Q)

LittleBlueMuffin's avatar

Eeee, my pleasure!! T v T <333 I can imagine, the detail is amazing!! (on the design as a whole honestly!) <3

(Aasdfghjk thank you so much, I'm happy you also enjoy my cancer design! ///high five cancer design buddy T A T

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