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:iconkissinguplz:HAPPY VALENTINES DAY:iconkissingplz: 
cherry blossoms e You all invited to the special encounters with stunning Annietine ladies-- Which one is your taste?cherry blossoms f 
Annietine2018 banner by Yamio 
If you are interested in Annies please check out their group! 

Lore of Annie

Starting bids
Common |100$.
Uncommon |120$
Mythical |170$
Time: 72H after the Annies are uploaded!


 Here are the amazing artists who have designed Annie adopts for the Annietine!    
:iconyamio: :iconpemiin: :iconvipop: :iconneko-rina:   
:iconhyanna-natsu: :iconkanekiru: :iconsueweetie::iconpikiru:

Auction will be held for each Annie on their individual deviation! ♥

 By buying, you are agreeing to Terms of Service - Annies

Serious buyers only; if you retract your claim you will be banned from purchasing Annies again.

They will all be 72H long auctions.

An Invoice will be sent by the artist in question.

You must be able to pay within 24 hours after you have claimed a day. 

light cherry blossom To take part of our lovely community, please join our Discord!light cherry blossom 
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NasikaSakura's avatar
This is such a gorgeous and creative setup. You're always full of such wonderful concepts, Little Miss Yami. It amazes me. 
Yamio's avatar
Always so sweet Nasika! ;;___;; ♥♥♥
Thank you!!
Cmanuel1's avatar
I would love to get the 10th one and the 14th one! They look so pretty!
Yamio's avatar
Awww thank you so much! (///_///)
SugarSnowGardens's avatar
I just wanna buy all of them they are always so amazing and beautiful oh my gosh
Yamio's avatar
AWWW EEEP thank you ///_///
cheruunim's avatar
Waa Yami these look amazing ‘ 7 ‘ !!
I absolutely love them ❤️

Much love to all of the designers like Hyanna-Natsu , ViPOP , Pikiru , CakexChan , Pemiin and especially to you Yami !!

I can’t wait to see 14 and 12 ~
Happy belated bday Yami !!

I haven’t finished your present yet , but I hope you like it when I post it !!
ViPOP's avatar
thank you asuna <33
Yamio's avatar
Whaaa so kind!! Thank you so much! (///_///) 

No worries gosh!!! You do not have to make me anything! TTATT ♥♥♥
CupcakeSisters's avatar
These all look beautiful! Whoever gets them must be very lucky ;)
Yamio's avatar
Awww thank you so much!! We all worked very hard on them! (//_//)
Ryakishou's avatar
is payment plan possible? if so im interested in the mythical number 14 ❤
Yamio's avatar
Payment plan is possible! 
But you would have to wait until the day she is up! ♥
Thank you so much for the interest!
Illyanna-Tohka's avatar
What would the payment plan involve? A down payment?
Yamio's avatar
You would pay partial when you can, until you've paid in full under a certain timeframe! ♥
Ryakishou's avatar
oki ill look out on it then ❤ also im really sorry for our disput last time...since you blocked me on discord i couldnt reach you ;_;
Yamio's avatar
Awww. It is alright. As long as you understand why I was upset. *huggles*
But I did not block you! Bear Emoji-37 (Wondering Question) [V2] 
Ryakishou's avatar
ofc i understand, i wasnt behaving the best so yea, but it did kinda hurt when you told the others in the server about our scared ppl hate me now ;_; but i really wanna come back. I deserved the ban so im fine with it. Im really sorry that i hurt you babu ❤ i never meant to :c 

weird...everytime i try to msg you it sais cant be delivered...maybe cuz you didnt accept my friend request...
Tanooki-John's avatar
This looks really good! I wish I could be as good as you. 
Yamio's avatar
Awww thank you!!
You will be even better in no time! No worries! ♥
Tanooki-John's avatar
I had been absent from digital artwork due to family problems. Once I move into a new home, I will have lots of time to study digital artwork. 
JapanZelda's avatar
Yamio's avatar
Kawaii-Says-Meow's avatar
These look amazing best of luck with the Annietine, Yami!
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