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BW Day | 6

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Day 6
    Arctic Wolf  by Yamio  Red Azalea  by Yamio 

Blessing names:
 Artic Wolf | Red Azalea
How many Blessings: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Eyes: Uncommon Wolf pupil
Description of blessings and Annie:
The Artic wolf is also well known as the Polar wolf or White wolf! Not endangered but close to become so due to their habitat shrinking,
Muskox getting thinnes out, which is their main food source, they fight for survival!
However their biology is also quite rapidly changing due to mating with our dogs at times,
which give the wolves a more timid elegant appearance and more kind temper.
Even so, these wolves are known to be curious and very gentle towards humans, often getting close to them.
The only Artic wolf attack known, has happened once, and then it turned out all the 3 wolves that attacked a human, was Rabies infected.
So overall, this is a Kind wolf you can count on to not hurt anyone!

Red azalea are able to survive adequately in sub zero temperatures, but tend to bloom in spring and summer.
In some cultures they are known as the “thinking of home” bush, and a direct death threat in others if given in a black vase.
Despite the azalea’s striking  beauty, it is highly toxic. In certain regions,
bees are fed the nectar of the azalea flower in order to create a mind altering and sometimes lethal type of honey referred to as ‘mad honey’
The honey could be used to defeat entire nations in wars!

A huge white tail, enhanced with magic to appear larger, brimming shiny muscles and a lovely smelling Azalea hat--
This Annie is one that make people turn heads.
Seeing a more muscular Mage is not very common, and he is well aware of it.
He dresses still very elegant and in heels to honour his magical abilities, but likes to be sleeve less, to show of those fancy muscles!

Optional Personality:
As younger, this Annie was eager to learn to be the most powerful mage! He lived in a small town together with his siblings.
One day however the town got raided by humans, and due to being small and frail from just focusing on magic, and not physical strength,
the humans easily threw away his staff, overwhelmed him and took his siblings for camp.
This made the little boy swear that he shall always train, both body and magic, to not lose in case his magic is not enough.
He turns out quite obsessive with strength and preaches that people should follow his example for the safety of themselves and others!

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I just realized, this kaomoji fits him so well!
ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Yamio's avatar
It does gosh ahaha //V// ♥
honicafe's avatar
Ahhhhh so cutee !! <3 <3
Yamio's avatar
Thank you!!! ♥
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Ha ha ha, I love the pose and the expression so much! XD
Yamio's avatar
Gosh thank you so much! ///V// ♥
Tranquilerin's avatar
Too adorable (✪ω✪)
Yamio's avatar
Thank you!! //V///
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very beautiful♥♥
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much!!! ♥
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Aaahhh, I love him!!
He reminds me a lot of Peter Pan for some reason!
The hat is so so lovely, such a handsome little man, I totally love
his hair-do as well <3
Beautiful design Yami! <3
Yamio's avatar
Whaaa thank you Mila!
AND PFFF whai!! *Single tear*
But thank you!! ♥
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The smug really caught my attention as well as the flex, such muscles he has! :3c
Yamio's avatar
Sanyiruu's avatar
Nuuu, thank you for this handsome boyo! pwp
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So, she's a werewolf?
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Kind of PFFF but it's a guy! ♥
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Beautiful and super cute.
Yamio's avatar
Thank you!!! ♥
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this is so damn cute 
Yamio's avatar
Thank you!! //V/// ♥
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Fantastico i really like this concept.
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Thank you!! //V// ♥
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