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BW Day | 5

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Day 5
   Starling Bird  by Yamio 

Blessing names:
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common
Description of blessings and Annie:
The Starling, also known as the (E)uropean Starling, is a species of bird.
 Starlings turn from spotted and white to glossy and dark each year - the new feathers they grow in the fall have coloured tips, and wear away as the year goes by.
 Starlings are also great at imitating the calls of other species - most Starlings are able to learn the calls of up to 20 different species.
 These birds are good at flying, and can reach up to speeds of 48 mph.

Dressed in gold lined fashion, this Annie's clothing imitates the wing feathers of his blessing.

Optional Personality:
Calm and mysterious, not much is known about this wandering Annie.
Those who have seen this Annie always note his all-knowing smile, as well as twinkling eyes, as if he knows a secret that no one else knows.
 Unusually pro-efficient at magic, this Annie is very in tune with his blessing.

Some say that his swirling cape is a gift from the North Star, who has fallen in love with this Annie's colours and wisdom.
 Others say that he is a mage so skilled, that he was able to enchant an aurora borealis from the night sky to use as the fabric for his cape.
The truth remains undiscovered to this day.

Often, there seems to be harpy sightings in similar areas where this Annie is spotted.
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SB: 80$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 48H after last bid.

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ilikedeEgdys's avatar
This drawing is so amazing.
BULLIBE's avatar
So beautifully coloured! <3
PastelBel's avatar
I love the colors
JapanZelda's avatar
So much details, love it!
KanaGo's avatar
Very cute and so detailed!
Daekai's avatar
Wonderful colors!!
zeres-exe's avatar
I am absolutely in love with the pallette!
Sanyiruu's avatar
Starling made by Starli. Man, you're such a queen of puns, aren't you?
He really looks so mystical and handsome with that book. Amazing!
fridolf49's avatar
Could people please look at my profile and consider watching ..... I'll rewatch anybody thank you
AleeshaUniverse's avatar
Beyworld101's avatar
TheTeenageArtest's avatar
Cute!!!!! Plus why is drawing small cute huge heads sooo hard X_X
CandiedSnakes's avatar
I love this design! I love how well the stars are integrated!
Crobatboy123's avatar
now THAT's cute keep it up you are one of the best and most of all stay awesome like always
Willowfrost16's avatar
What aesthetically pleasing colours!! i could stare at this all day, it's so lovely! fantastic work <3
Blackinkbarbarian's avatar
I love the use of colours in this one. :-)
ZoeThatGirlFromOz's avatar
Nice colours :3 
I really like how the eyes look blue heart bullet 
honicafe's avatar
Ahhhhhhh I love this baby so muchhh !! *O* <333333333333333333
Sakumira-Agashi's avatar
I love the expression on his face, he looks very confident. I love the color choices too, it matches the theme and blends well with each other, and it's very galaxy-like.
Starlipop's avatar
Yes! I love sparkles :iconsparklesplz:
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