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Annietine2018 - 6


Annietine2018 banner by Yamio 
Day 11 Pomegranate

    Pomegranate by Yamio 

Blessing names: Pomegranate
How many Blessings: 1
Rarities: common
Eyes: common Pupils 
Description of blessings and Annie: 
Tiny Pixel Apple 
Pomegranates are beautiful red fruits with a bunch of smaller berries inside. It is known as a "super fruit" for being nutrient-rich with insane levels of vitamins!
It is very beneficial for one's health and well being. They typically come from the Northern Hemisphere during the months September to February.
They grow from small shrubs or trees that range from 16(5m) to 26(8m) feet tall. The pomegranate trees can live up to 200+ years!!
The fruit can be used in almost anything from sweets, juice blends, garnishes, smoothies, alcoholic beverages, etc.
Pomegranates are extremely good for the heart and can even help with weight loss!

This gorgeous cutie was inspired by the famous Persephone & Hades Greek mythology.
In Ancient Greek mythology, pomegranates were known as the "fruit of the dead" and believed to have sprung from the blood of Adonis.
Persephone, the goddess of Spring, was kidnapped by Hades to become his bride.
Her mother, Demeter, the goddess of harvest, went into mourning for her lost daughter which caused all crops to stop growing.
It was the rule of the Fates that if anyone consumed any food/drink in the underworld, they are doomed to spend eternity there.
Hades offered Persephone a pomegranate which she ate six seeds from.
From them on, she had to spend 6 months in the underworld every year. During the six months that she stays in the underworld, Demeter mourns again.
Thus, the birth of different seasons.

Inspired by the mythology story and this Annie loves to wear elegant Reek themed designs. Incorporated a lot of berries as well as Grecian jewelry to herself.
To emphasize a goddess look, she wears a layered her flowy dress with a back sash and a bunch of gold leaf accessories especially armlets and bracelets.
However! We also cannot forget the beautiful gladiator sandals!
To really bring out her Pomegranate blessing, she took the colour of it to bring forth a  bright fiery red hair. 
With braids and a Reek inspired staff with the leaves resembling that of wings!
Pixel: Red Apple 

SB: 100$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 350$

 Auctions end after 72H.
  Calendar2018+ by Yamio
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MchowH's avatar
She's so pretty! <3
HazelRose3637's avatar
She is gorgeous!!! I love the colors!! :heart:
sighneko's avatar
oh my goSH i'm in love with the warm shades of her hair and outfit and it all just goes together seamlessly!!
NasikaSakura's avatar
This is a really classy design. The color palette and use of lines also reminds me of the artwork of the Four Seasons by Mucha, one of my favorite Masters, but with a nice modern (and obviously anime chibi) twist. 
Kiehran's avatar
Definitely one of my favourite designs, there's so much I like about it!
Eyes Also is that red nail polish I see?
Liswyn's avatar
I absolutely LOVE her gaze, so royal~
And the fall colors? Just caught my eye. Amazing, Yami!! 
Sunfwer-JiHu's avatar
Wow the design is 11/10😭😭😭💕 Im in love
LinkedWolf's avatar
Preettyyyyyyyyy ^^
JapanZelda's avatar
Haaaan, she looks like a goddess!
Pimmsie's avatar
Can I just say that your style has improved so much. It was awesome before but now it's improved ten fold. It's simply breath taking. 
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Your so so fantastic! For doing something incredible like this really! And hey keep up the great work alright? Your doing great for reals! If I can suggest, it'd be great if you did a action/combat like scene one day you know? It's up to you clearly!
BooFitz's avatar
The colors are so pretty!
Kawaii-Says-Meow's avatar
Precious colours! I love the Accent Greek inspirations coming through; it fits so well with the pomegranate, as they were an important symbol in many Greek myths. She looks incredibe; so original and elegant!
Mei-Kyo's avatar
ahhhhh so pretty as always <3
synicals's avatar
uwahhh this is beautiful!!  ^U^
g8ut's avatar
lovely good job!
rollingpoly's avatar
Bid here
WATERMARKED by Sueweetie
Caeldea's avatar
Ahhh wow this one is absolutely gorgeous!! She looks like a goddess and the colors and designs fit very well <33 Amazing job Sue and Kane ;; (stupid mobile)
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