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Annietine2018 - 2

Annietine2018 banner by Yamio 
Day 9 Superb bird of paradise

  Paradise bird by Yamio 

Blessing names: Superb Bird of Paradise (Lophorina superba)
How many Blessings: 1
Rarities: common
Eyes: common Pupils, bi-colored
Description of blessings and Annie:
 little blue bird emoji 
The superb bird of paradise is a medium-sized bird which resides on the top of trees in the rainforests.
The species is well known for their special display of courtship.
Males are prominent in the species with a severe lacking of female counterparts, hence competition is fierce.
This has resulted in a very bizarre courting ritual in which the male, adorned in an iridescent green crown, blue-green chest, and a velvet black cape,
first attracts the female with a mating call.
Then he "prepares" the dance floor as he clean away the dirt or scrubs the branch smooth.
As the female appears, he springs his feathers into a fan shape around him and hops in frantic circles around the female.
This dance can take up to hours in a day for the female to make a decision.
The female is known to reject at least 15-20 males before settling on one. Notably, the species engages in polygamy!

This beloved Annie was blessed with a male blessing. She is decorated in garb resembling the male superb bird of paradise.
Her head piece is embellished with the fan-like feathers of the male superb bird.
True to Annie culture, she made sure elements of elegance are woven into her outfit, such as the gold crown detail and layered gem necklace.
The two larger gems on her headpiece are represents her blessing's appearance during their dance.
With a coat embellished in spirals which fan out  elegantly in layers behind her.
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SB: 100$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 350$

 Auction end after 72H.
Calendar2018+ by Yamio
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OMG SO CUTE!!!!!Orange Heart Blue Heart Pink Heart Green Heart Yellow Heart Red Heart Purple Heart  this drawing has stolen my hearts XD 
Yamio's avatar
Awww gosh thank you! //V///
NeatGamer12's avatar
Np you have talent your going somewhere 👍🏻❤️💕❤️
NasikaSakura's avatar
I thought it was interesting that she resembled a male bird, so I was wondering at first if she was a boy indeed but with chubby thighs, which rarely some boys do have (and I personally find it adorable, hehe). Glad I read though so now I know better! It is such an interesting thing to note. :) I love how you incorporate elements of the actual creatures into your Annies. :heart: Ad far as her as an image, the legs seem to be different thicknesses, but everything else is so superb! I really like the slight burnt orange that you used in her sleeves. It really brings out the vibrancy of her deep blue hues! Her crown design is so pretty and reminds me of fanned feathers. The swirl design is so pretty., but I wonder what its presence's significance is in this Bird of Paradise design. :meow: Her collar looks so fluffy and cute! 
Yamio's avatar
Awww so glad you like the design ehehe //V///
You always make such nice comments! ♥
NasikaSakura's avatar
Wish I had the time and energy to do it more often, haha! I used to comment on every single artwork that went through my inbox back in the day. Now I get buried and feel guilty when I don't, though I know I shouldn't. I just want to make posting artwork a fulfilling experience for those who art I love. :)
Kiehran's avatar
Her hair looks like its made of velvet! <3
Yamio's avatar
Awww eeep thank you! //V//
rce-ordinary's avatar
ohh this is so beautiful, i really love this so much. the design is so fantastic, and i love the colors
Yamio's avatar
Awww thank you so much aaaah (///_//) ♥
Moraii's avatar
I love the blue colour!! <33
The design is so gorgeous <33
Yamio's avatar
Awww ahhh thank you! ♥
petesd's avatar
Cute!! kaomoji set 1 4/19  Cute!! kaomoji set 1 7/19   Cute!!
Yamio's avatar
CharletteLPS's avatar
She is absolutely stunning!  The deep blues are incredibly majestic and becoming on her <33
Yamio's avatar
We went for an empress look! So glad you like her! ///V//
RavenCorona's avatar
So cute and beautiful.
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much ahhh! ♥
JapanZelda's avatar
Haaaan, adorable!
Yamio's avatar
Thank you!! ♥
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Your so so incredible! For doing something incredible like this! And hey keep up the great work alright? If I can suggest, it'd be great if you did a action/combat like scene one day you know? It's up to you clearly!
Yamio's avatar
Thank you! ///V//
Won't do that when it's suppoused to showcase the design!
But for an commission or illustration maybe! ♥
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Oh yeah no problem! Keep up the wonderful work you do anyways alright?
Nonzev's avatar
Awe this is beautiful! I love the bird info and how she goes with it! So cool! :heart: Your style and Vi's look so soft and pretty together. Wonderful job! ^_^
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