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Annietine 2019 Day 1|2

Annietine 2019 Banner by AnniverseStash
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Day 1|2
Ermine by AnniverseStash
Blessing names:
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common
Description of blessings and Annie: 
Ermine, also called stoat, northern weasel species in the genus Mustela, family Mustelidae.
The species is called 
Ermine especially during its winter white colour phase.
To the monarchs of medieval Europe, the ermine’s white coat symbolized royalty and high status.
For it's unique coat ermine became popular character in different legend and folklore.
In the folklore of the Komi people of the Urals, stoats are symbolic of beautiful and coveted young women.
In the Zoroastrian religion, the stoat is considered a sacred animal, as its white winter coat represented purity.
One popular European legend had it that a white stoat would die before allowing its pure white coat to be besmirched.
When it was being chased by hunters, it would supposedly turn around and give itself up to the hunters rather than risk soiling itself!

Optional Personality: 
This Annie likes to dress in luxurious manner. She can't imagine her clothes without bows, frills and buffy skirts!
Her puffy white hair has fairly dark ends representing a tail of an ermine itself.
Just as her blessing, this Annie is a pure and beautiful girl,
 who likes to enjoy the bright sun in winter days and meet new friends!

SB: 140$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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Brlim's avatar
that is so Cute
RiversReverie's avatar
She is so cute and fluffy, love her look! pink heart {big}  The ermine apron is just precious.  She's right, clothes with lots of bows and frills are among the best!
softely's avatar
omg it's the same blessing as my myo bb lumi!! -loud yelling-
aaaaa she's so super adorable and so fluffy and cuddly and i just want to hug her TT ^ TT
i love the face on her apron the most x'D this watercolor like paint style is also super gorgeous 

Lucacrafts's avatar
This annie is so cute and soft! She looks extra huggable, though you'd have to be careful not to get lost in all that hair.
Aspintacular's avatar
Such a cute blessing!! The little face on her clothes is so adorable and her expression really helps her personality shine through! And omg I love all of her hair!! It's so thick and styled so beautifully <333
121GWJolt's avatar
121GWJolt's avatar
Also her floof is immense, the winking... apron? Whatever it is, it's cute.

She's gonna be the best harsh-tongued maid there ever was.
Squishibear's avatar
Ahhh this design is so super cute, lil maid Ermine! Who would have thought of that haha, well done you both for very successful design! cute bear heart 
The design is stunning and the more I look at it the more new interesting things I'll find in the design!
I love the coloring in this a lot, it is so pretty and painted like. This collab work turned out very unique and stunning! 
Those gold rimmed ribbons and dress are my favorite parts in the design (as i am quite obsessed with them myself too xD).
Nebelstern's avatar
looks magical. well done.
KimiboYumeko's avatar
She's so cute????
Scarecrow-Doodles's avatar
This is just gorgeous!!
Marzi-Panic's avatar
Ah, so fluffy and adorable! <33 This is what I live for ;w;

Aquariiaa's avatar
I absolutely love this Annie, she's so so adorable!!
Her hair is so fluffy and cute and adorable, ahhh too many words >< ♥
Her colours go beautifully together, she's absolutely perfect! >u<
Two amazing designers, they both did a beautiful job! <3
IvyPlant's avatar
this is so adorable im soBbing
valentine05's avatar
i love it so much!
T0mmykat's avatar
AbsborTheCat's avatar
Hello there! This is such a cute work you've done here. :)
hanshyn's avatar
NukoHinata's avatar
Owo Your art is so cute!
PhoenixRemixed's avatar
Oh wow this is so cute! :love: I hope they find a good home!
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