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Annietine 2019 Day 1|1

Annietine 2019 Banner by AnniverseStash
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Day 1|1
Black Browed Albatross by AnniverseStash
Blessing names:
 Black browed albatross
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common
Description of blessings and Annie: 
Albatrosses are seabirds of large dimensions. They are highly efficient in the air,
using dynamic soaring and slope soaring to cover great distances with little exertion.
The black-browed albatross, which gets its name from the funny black feathers its got over the eyes,
 is a medium-sized albatross but their wings are still huge. They can easily get to over 200cm (80 inches)!

Albatrosses live much longer than other birds; they delay breeding for longer and invest more effort into fewer young.
They reach sexual maturity slowly, at around the age of five, but even once they have reached maturity, they do not begin to breed for another few years.
 Instead they spend many years practicing the elaborate breeding rituals and "dances". After a period of trial and error learning, the young birds learn the syntax and perfect the dances,
 all to ensure they'll be able to properly communicate with their peers and finally find their perfect mate, which they'll be bond to for the rest of their lives,
 and with whom they've created a unique body language to communicate with each other.

Optional Personality: 
This Annie is a very busy woman, impelled by the nature of her blessing she's driven to travel all around the world to discover new places and cultures,
but that doesn't mean she's a fickle person. She knows her heart is destined to that special one and once she finds them,
 she'll always make sure to make time for them in her tight schedule.
 She won't doubt taking a +18 hours airship flight to get in time to the date.

Managing such a busy life can be hard sometimes, you never know when you'll have time to rest or which lands will you walk by.
 A soft cotton summery dress allows her to move freely and not feel suffocated during long passages,
the elegant coat and high stocking serve for extra protection against the breeze and she can't forget a hat,
 to make sure her hairstyle stay neat and her make-up well protected from the sunny rays.

SB: 140$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 300$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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121GWJolt's avatar

I honestly love this Annie's mature look and the details put into her humongous wings. The bag just completes the look.
RiversReverie's avatar
She looks so bright and cheerful!  I bet she would be a fun traveling companion.  I quite like her style, simple yet full of little details that make it unique.  Her second set of wings on her ankles looks so cute! pink heart {big} 
softely's avatar
as usual rina never disappoints!!
i love how sparkly her eyes are and her expression just makes you want to smile along with her!
her simple outfit compliments her wings so well! she's super gorgeous 
Lucacrafts's avatar
I love the clean style this is drawn in, and the wings look amazing! Drawing convincing wings is difficult enough, but having them at different angles like this is extra impressive.
Haanakko's avatar
Very beautiful♥
Neko-Rina's avatar
Squishibear's avatar
Commenting again because of the event >v< I wanted to do more in depth comment to this because my last one was some hype rushed comment xD ♥

When I first saw this design I was so stunned. She is everything I love, elegant, sweet and pure gorgeous! U never fail to make gorgeous designs.
The coloring is so pure and well done, all the design parts are well thought and compliment each other. I love the hat and bag the most in this design. I would totally want one of those bags irl ; v ;
You captured the travelling nature of humans and birds into one wonderful design! Love it so much! Bear Emoji-03 (Love) [V1] 
Neko-Rina's avatar
Awww Valy >///< thank you very much for your words, they mean a lot coming from a pro designer like you! ♥
Squishibear's avatar
Aww no u the pro ; o ; ♡♡ love ur art so much !
RIPZyden070121's avatar
YagiMatsu's avatar
How beautiful, Yamio! :heart: I love the Annie's design here, the white and red go so well together.
Neko-Rina's avatar
YagiMatsu's avatar
Aspintacular's avatar
I would travel the world with this cute bab ;u;
Neko-Rina's avatar
xDD thank you Aspin!
CandyM0M0K0's avatar
I'll always addore Rina's designs, super cute!
Neko-Rina's avatar
>////< thank you dear ♥
Aquariiaa's avatar
She's absolutely beautiful!!
I love her cute, energetic expression and pose with her elegant yet casual outfit!! Rina did amazing on her!! ;_; <33
Neko-Rina's avatar
Aaaaah thank you so much Aqua >///<
Arbitrated's avatar
Awwww she's so cuuuuute <3
Neko-Rina's avatar
Arbitrated's avatar
I will also say, I have an oc with albatross wings as well (though, they're a bright pink - not exactly a natural color, hehe :P), and I just thought it was kinda funny how different she is from Annie ^^ She's very bubbly and doesn't really take things slowly, and really likes to settle down a lot, heheh.
skyacya's avatar
Such a lovely hat... I would love to have one like that <3
bluewingfairy's avatar
Good morning, she's a cutie and a beauty!!!!!!!!. 
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