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Annietine 2019 8|1

Last Annie for this years Annietine,
hope you enjoyed it!
Thank you 

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Day 8|1
Tu Er Shen by AnniverseStash Field Mouse-ear by AnniverseStash
Blessing names:
  Tu er shen | Field mouse-ear
How many Blessings: 2
Rarity: Mythical
Eyes: Glowing bunny shaped pupils
Description of blessings and Annie: 
Tu Er Shen.
Once upon a time a man fell in love. A forbidden love.
A warrior from the millitary who he just could not keep his eyes off got noticed.
But at this age and time, falling in love with the same sex was punishable by death.
The man refused to back down on his love, and such, was taken pity on by the Gods.
When he passed away, the Gods and Goddesses reincarnated him as a bunny spirit.
Guardian of the love he so ever yearned.
Protector of non requirement.  

Field Mouse Ear.
One of the favourite foods of bunnies!
This sweet flower belongs to the pink flower family.
It is quite unique as it can grow either alone or in clusters, depending what it feels like.
Being quite a tall flower, you have to chew down the stems before you get to it's deliciousness.
It has five petals, all with two lobes on each. It also carries a small fruit that contains it's seeds.

Optional Personality: 
This boys connection to his blessing is strong,
which makes him summon several different kind of bunny ears.
The mourning of his blessing affects him daily and it can become quite difficult to separate his own pain from his blessing.
As the tears flow, he collects them in tiny vials, such as his shoes or earrings, to keep around.
Because each drop of his tears are filled with all the love he was never able to give,
so by ingesting one, you can feel the feeling of being in love, and being loved.
A feeling he has never yet grasped on his own.

SB: 300$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 800$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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Thank you!! ♥
Yamio's avatar
Thankies (///) ♥
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Thank you so much! (///_//) ♥
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ChicaFoxygurl24's avatar
Such a beautiful boy!
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much! (///_//) ♥
Yamuii's avatar
This is one of the favourite designs I've seen so far!! Great job <3
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much! (///_//) ♥ I'm honoured!!
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I was really shocked to see this sort of Annie as the mythical, but it surprised me in the best of ways! The mythology is heart breaking just to read (I had never heard of this story either so it was cool to learn something new ♥), but I feel like Anniverse provides hope for this story to have a happy ending (depending on what Aspin decides to do with him, of course) I want to take a moment to appreciate all of the detail work the torso portion of his outfit. The bunny is so stinking cute ;o;, and the colors and stripes with different patterns just go so well together. How do you coordinate the patterns so well? orz I adore the sleeves too. Goodness...what a way to end the event. 

Marvelous job, Yami! 
Yamio's avatar
Ooooh aww really?? ///V//
Eep he is quite side and timid,
despite looking big and pampy!
I wanted to do something delicate!
That's what I knew when I went in! ♥

I hope for a happy ending too!
Thank you so so much Berry!!! (/////) ♥♥♥
RiversReverie's avatar
The layers of bunny ears give an interesting and elegant look. pink heart {big}  How interesting that he stores his tears in his shoes and earrings, though it's quite sad to think that he's cried enough to fill them so much.  Poor boy, what a tragic past his blessing had. 
Yamio's avatar
Ahhhh so happy you like the bunny ears!!
It took a while to come up with t hat //V//
And yes!! Sad boi ;;;
Thank you though! ♥
softely's avatar
love the fact that he has two pairs of bun ears and skyscraper platforms i will never be able to wear ;;
his backstory is also so beautiful yet heartbreaking, i'm sure Aspin would be an amazing owner 
Yamio's avatar
Yessu those platforms are hard to walk in!
But it is like those High Geisha shoes you sweep forward while you walk ehehe //V//
And she is!!! ♥
Lucacrafts's avatar
Such a cutie! I love seeing boy annies. The hair, sleeve, and rabbit ear shapes form a very solid motif, and the art style gives him a gentle glow that suits him well.
Yamio's avatar
Ahhhh thank you so much Luca!!
And yes making boy Annies can be really fun at times!
But it is hard for me personally to come with a unique design without adding "feminine" elements ahaha //////
Jellyfishbubblez's avatar
Aww I love him Yamis!
Such an inspiring and creative design! :heart:
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much Disa!! ///_/// ♥ 
means a lot to me!!
Cammiio's avatar
This design definitely has a soft spot in my heart!!
I love his high platform shoes filled with tears ahshs he’s so precious
And his three pairs of ears look super unique!<3
Must protecc

Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-03 (Squee) [V1] 
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