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Annietine 2019 6|2

Annietine 2019 Banner by AnniverseStash
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Day 6|2
Bleeding Hearts by AnniverseStash Cabbage Rose by AnniverseStash Gottingen Pig by AnniverseStash
Blessing names:
  Bleeding heart | Cabbage rose | Göttingen pig
How many Blessings: 3
Rarity: Super Rare
Eyes: Bleeding heart pupils
Description of blessings and Annie: 
The bleeding heart, also called Lamprocapnos spectabilis is a plant with flowers that are beautifully shaped as hearts in the romantic color of pink.
 It also has white drop-like parts on the bottom, making the flower look as if it is bleeding.
Bleeding hearts are very hardy and can survive for more than 2 years in the wild. It is also fire resistant and can tolerate drought.
It can be poisionous if eaten in large quantities for many animals, so it's not a flower you'd want too much of!

Cabbage Rose, or Rosa Centifolia is a type of rose, with petals that are bright pastel pink which is growing darker in the center. 
The petals resemble the form of a lettuce, hence the name "Cabbage" rose.
In medicinal use, the root of the flower can be boiled in water which is then used to shrink or constrict body tissues.
The water is also used to treat irritations and moisturizing your skin while also healing it.
When converted to an it is useful in cleansing the exterior skin as it is high in Vitamin A, C and E.

Göttingen pig, also known as the Göttingen mini pig is a swine bred by humans that was originally meant for biomedical research.
They required less space and food, so that they would be easier to handle. Today it is the smallest type of domestic pig known in the world.
Later on they were also bred locally to be sold as pets, as their small size made them popular.

Optional Personality: 

This Annie has incredibly clear, porcelain skin and is of pure royalty! 

She is very rich and isn't afraid of showing it with her pure golden linings and silk fabric.
Being close to her Göttingen pig blessing, she appears petite with pig ears and feet, adorned in Cabbage roses.
She is incredibly in love with the color pink, and isn't afraid of showing that. She also likes white as it makes her feel more blinding.
Although being a petite Annie she has incredible power with healing tissues and can take on anything that comes her way!
Many do not believe it at first sight, so she feels the need to appear more powerful by dressing in pompous fashion, woven by her own dressmakers.
She is especially in love with romantic clothing, especially inspired by clothing found in weddings and in Victorian royalty!

SB: 200$
Min Increase: 5$
AB: 600$

Auction ends after 24H after last bid.

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Berryzem's avatar
Ooooh another bleeding heart Annie! OoO The hearts in her hair are all just, just such a yes >///////<. So gorgeous overall! Putting the pig foot shape into the shoes was a really neat idea! I adore her skirt to bits and pieces as well! I'm so happy to see another Annie from you, Pemiin! You did a wonderful job!!! ♥
Pemiin's avatar
AHH thank you so much Berry!! The hooves were Yammis idea, and for sure, it worked wonders!! ♥♥
Berryzem's avatar
Ah, that's cool! Ooh! I forgot to mention I really adore how you render the color pink (I noticed in the piece you did for Vi too), and you're welcome! ♥♥♥
softely's avatar
i think valy is rubbing off me bcs this piggy bab is one of my faves this event and we need more piggies!!
she's so princessy with all the ruffles and your signature sparkly coloring never disappoints! 

so glad to see waifu got her!! can't wait to see more amazing designs from you in the future pem 
Pemiin's avatar
fgkjdfhgjdfgfdg So sweet of you ahh //////////
WE SURE DO!! I love them so much I had to express that love for valentine's!!
Thank you! <3333
RiversReverie's avatar
She is so adorable, Pemiin!  The combination of bleeding heart, cabbage rose, and Gottingen pig works beautifully.  I love how her blessings are represented in her design: heart shapes in her hair, layers of cabbage roses on her dress and as a crown, her shoes which are shaped like pig hooves.  Her eyes are so cute with the bleeding heart pupils too!  pink heart {big}
Pemiin's avatar
AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! She also has pigtails-- PFFTT <33333
Lucacrafts's avatar
With the huge frilly skirt, floating curls, and all those sparkles, this annie looks like the final form of a magical girl!
Pemiin's avatar
Oh my gosh, I didnt even think of it like that! So sweet ///// ♥
Aspintacular's avatar
This bab is so adorable!! I adore all the pink and her wonderful flower crown!! Congratulations on the fast AB for this cutie <333 
Pemiin's avatar
Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! I had so much fun painting all the pink <3333
PaopuTree's avatar
So cute!

How long does a piece like this take to make? I'm curious o:
Pemiin's avatar
Thank you <3333
I always forget to time it, but this one took 12+ hours for sure!
NormaLeeInsane's avatar
Pemiin's avatar
Thank you so much! <333
JapanZelda's avatar
Such a cutie pie! I wish I had the same hair cut! 8D
Pemiin's avatar
Thank you! So do I! T0T ♥
Emphasis-Lest's avatar
Aw I always love pemiin's art so much 💕
Pemiin's avatar
fjhgdjhgjdhfgdgf AWWW SO SWEET ////////// ♥♥
Emphasis-Lest's avatar
Pemiin's avatar
Thank you ~ ♥
Squishibear's avatar
Oh my gosh Pem, I loved her from the moment I saw the WIP!! Yesss more piggy Annies Bear Emoji-05 (Excited) [V1] Amazing work as always!!
She's so gorgeous and she looks like royalty! I'm super fan of the colors used on this one, pink, white and gold just works so well together.
I love how the dress made me think of like some kinda gorgeous wedding cake with all the pretty layers and flowers, adds even more to the Valentines theme imo >v<
Pemiin's avatar
YUSHHH PIGGIES!! I love them so much I had to express it in this year's design- 
Thank you so much!! <3333
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