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Annies species sheet

Pink Flower :iconanniverse:Pink Flower 
A species sheet for our lovely Annies! 

[i]: potted flower pixel 

For more information please read our General lore
To understand how their magic works please head to Core & Magic!

Feel free to join our Discord to take part in our wonderful community!
Or perhaps enjoy the world more at distance by joining our group!

DISCLAIMER: Annies are a closed species. You are not allowed to make your own.
However I do not claim any of the traits to be Annie exclusive. 
For more information please read through the Annies TOS.
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do you do Customs of them ? :3 
Yamio's avatar
I do! They are closed right now though!
If you join our discord server you will quickly know when they open again! ♥ (///_//)
Thank you for your interest!!
MelodyDaCookie's avatar
Ohhh now I understand what annies are! but May I ask what is MYOs?
Ethii's avatar
Sorry for the late reply ! But MYOs are "Make Your Own" so if you get a slot for the species then you can design one of your own characters for your species or commission someone else to do so!
For more information on Annie MYOs please look here:

What is a MYO?
How to Gain an Annie

Pastel Pink Heart Bullet Pastel Pink Heart Bullet  
MelodyDaCookie's avatar
Ohhhhhhhh okay! Thank you so much!!
Ethii's avatar
Meep I meant *the species not your species ! And no problem !!!
YoiKokon's avatar
Yo! Can I Make My Own Annie Now? And, Did Anyone Can Make A Mythical Thingies For Free?
Yamio's avatar
To make an Annie you need to purchase/gain a MYO ticket. ♥
0jady0's avatar
This when it will be available again?Mini Neko Blob - Pink 
Yamio's avatar
The MYOs? ♥
They are always available on Black Friday.
Otherwise you can gain them through plenty of raffles, contests and other events!

We usually have one opening in the beginning of the year, one in summer and then during Black Friday.
But it also depends on how many have finished their MYOs, as we do not want to have too many pending. ♥
Faenilla's avatar
Did the event for the summer MYO event happen already? If so, will the event for Black Friday have limited slots? Because I’d like to buy an MYO slot as soon as I can! I might have to wait until Black Friday for one, anyways, though.
Yamio's avatar
OOH there are some MYOs available on the market right now!!! ---> Annie Market [16 up]
If you hurry you might be able to snag one! but yes otherwise the next gurantuued opening is on Black Friday! 
Usually between 10-16 slots!! FTO get a head start with 10 minutes usually ♥
AnimeMoonGoddess2's avatar
The mythical eyes are gorgeous.
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much!  ♥♥♥
Afini-x's avatar
Ahh, I was looking for this!
I've wanted to draw an Annie since I came back to dA but I never thought my skills were god enough ˆ-ˆ""

Now I'd like to join the Berry Fiesta and this sheet and the other info in the journals is very helpful :3
Yamio's avatar
Awww makes me so happy you like them! //V//

Good luck at the contest!!!
RamboNyanKitty's avatar
beautiful and nicely done sheet <3
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much Rambo! ///_///
ninjaxluvr's avatar
These are so magically pretty!
Yamio's avatar
Thank you so much! ///_///
Kidlike101's avatar
Yamio's avatar
Ruxree's avatar
I'd love to get a MYO!! 
Ethii's avatar
MYOs Should be opening soon! Yami has hinted at June but this is not set in stone <3 common will be $70 / 700 AP and Uncommon will be $120 / 1200 AP ^^
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