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Annielender 2018 Day | 2

Day |2
Grizzly Bear by AnniverseStash
Blessing names:
  Grizzly bear
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes:  Common round
Description of blessings and Annie: 
The grizzly bear (Ursus arctos ssp) is a brown bear species,
named for the white-tipped hairs on their backs and shoulders that give them a "grizzled" appearance. 
The well-known hump on the grizzly bears' shoulders is a large muscle that gives their forelimbs strength. 
Despite being known for their aggression and size, these bears are omnivorous and mainly eat nuts, berries, and leaves.
During the winter, grizzly bears can hibernate for 5-8 months and live solely off their fat reserves.
This Annie has been given immense strength from his powerful blessing.
The tight sleeveless top shows of his well built, muscled body.
His hoodie is perfectly built for his random naps.
To honor the culture that celebrated his blessing, this Annie has various motifs from the culture on him,
such as the symbol 
for bear tattooed on his upper right arm.

Optional Personality: 
Though he is usually much more aggressive, this Annie is always tired and laid back this winter season.
While others are out playing in the snow, he can be found inside, snoring away.
Lazy and lethargic, he would rather be carried around than get up by himself.
This Annie loves to eat when he is awake, especially favoring sweet food.
Everyone around him feels as if they are taking care of a giant baby at times but with
a face so cute, and a body so attractive, who could resist him?

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SirEdigarious's avatar
Really like the special touch the scarf gives to the piece.
Starlipop's avatar
So handsome~ Tae and Rina did an amazing job to bring this boy to life! Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1] 
Neko-Rina's avatar
Thank you Starli ♥♥♥
JapanZelda's avatar
What a cutie, I love his design!
Neko-Rina's avatar
rce-ordinary's avatar
he looks so cool. i really love the colors and the patterns on this one!
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
Good job making this! You're very impressive for doing this^^
FantasyRebirth96's avatar
You're welcome. Oh by the way Have you heard about Sakugabooru? Sakugabooru is a website where anyone can post animation. Here give it a try. Making an account is the same as Deviantart but...different. If your interested give it a shot.
berrymage's avatar
life goal: swole but sleepy |D
in all seriousness though, you guys did a great job! I also love how the different themes, colors, and patterns tie in together--it feels very balanced ^^
Neko-Rina's avatar
Hahaha xD Thank you Berry!
Berryzem's avatar
Ooooooh I really like the patterns on this one! The colors are really bright too. I especially like how the top color of the pants seems to come out of no where but then you notice it in some of the blue shading and the scarf. He's an interesting balance of adorable, lazy, and bulky XD. 

Considering how strong he is, I keep thinking Adeem (Arctic Wolf and Red Azalea) would rage so much because of this Annie's lack of motivation X'D.

Adeem: You have so much potential to be stronger. WHY ARE YOU SO LAZY?!

Grizzly bear Annie:

I think this Annie is just really refreshing to see. Lovely job, you guys! ♥
mintae-chii's avatar
omg berry thank you!! he lots of fun to create and rina really brought him to life with the colors!! Very glad you found this Annie refreshing, mission accomplished >;^) also YES i would love to see an interaction between those two as well! adeem would be so peeved by bear boy loool
Berryzem's avatar
You're welcome ♥ you guys definitely nailed the uniqueness >w</

(I'll wait and and until he gets a permanent home if we can co-write something Love Hearts Fangirl Icon)
Jyellowstudio's avatar
NicoleDrawsAnime's avatar
he is down right adorable
mintae-chii's avatar
lceBlu's avatar
THAT'S a grizzly bear?? *runs out into the Alaska woods without a coat and carrying bear snacks*
mintae-chii's avatar
I don't know you but I love you and your comment was literally my whole mood when I was drawing him
lceBlu's avatar
Haha spot on pal! Nice to meet you too. Great job! <3<3
Agetian's avatar
Really cute!! :aww:

mintae-chii's avatar
Ahhh thank you!! ; v ;
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