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Annielender 2018 Day | 17

Day |17
Arctic Fox by AnniverseStash Camelia Japonica by AnniverseStash
Blessing names:
   Arctic Fox | Camellia Japonica
How many Blessings: 2
Rarity: Uncommon
Eyes:  Common round
Description of blessings and Annie: 

The Arctic fox(Vulpes lagopus) also known as polar fox is a small fox native that inhabits the Northern Hemisphere and the Arctic Tundra Biome.
They are distributed throughout North of Eurasia and North America, including many islands to which they arrived in their days by walking on the ice.
The arctic fox has small ears and a dense layer of hair that allows it to survive and hunt at extreme temperatures (up to -50 ° C).
 In the summer, this white coat of long fur changes to a grayish-brown coat of shorter fur.
They remain active all year round and are among the few animals that do not hibernate or migrate to other regions during the winter. 

Camellia japonica is the best known species of Camellia. It belongs to the family of the teáceas. It is a floral shrub or a small tree, native to Japan, Korea, China.
 In the central zone of Chile, the city of Bulnes is known as the city of the camellias. Some bushes or trees can reach a size of 1.5 meters in height.
The young branches are grayish brown and the twigs of the current year are purple brown. The cultivars of Camellia japonica include 'Elegans' (large pink flowers and white spots),
 'Guilio Nuccio' (red petals to pink and yellow), and 'Mathotiana Alba' (pure white flowers).

Optional Personality: 

This Annie is a very shy and an adorable girl, usually with a blushing face. She loves stuffed animals and caresses them dearly.
It gives her a sense of comfort and protection. Its design is based on fluffy winter clothes adorned with a lot of lace, cotton puffs and pink ribbons that give beauty and adoration to her attire.
She adores the beauty camellia flowers and fills them in her hair and fluffy tail. She has two bells in her so you can hear the cute yet clear jingles as she walks. She also owns a third bell that she loves to carry around. Inside of it, she carries her precious stuffed animals.

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Adorable and gorgeous! 
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I lovee her adorable expression, she looks incredibly innocent and sweet! *^*
aND THOSE 3 LITTLE FOX PLUSHIES //clutches heart— so heccin’ cute 😭💖
I’m super happy to be able to co-own her aa

Hamtaro Mouse Emoji-06 (Kawaii Dance) [V1] 
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awe, it's so cute <3 i love it :D
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This cutie pie got Front Page! YES!
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All this designs are so beautiful!!!! She is gorgeous!

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Adroable!! I love the design :) <3
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Good morning, sooooo, adorable and beauty!!!!.
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How do i do more then follow- watch you
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Blblblbl, lovely cutie!! Those two goes well together!
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Wow, super cute!! My favourite thing is the decoration hanging from her dress. Well done~ pink heart {big} 
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*glomps the cuteness*
Shy2Infinity's avatar
Ahhhh! She's such a cute and fluffy girl <3 <3 I love her!
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OMG! She is really soooooo pretty! I love it's really beautiful!!! I would love to draw like that ♥
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to cute for words
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[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara this girl is simply stunning!!
i love her colors and the sweet christmas touch with her ornament!!
Sueweetie and Hosha-Usagi did an amazing job together!
i hope we get to see another collab from you both!
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This is sooooo cute <3
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I am so in love with this design!! <3
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