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Annielender 2018 Day | 12

Day |12
Labradoodle by AnniverseStash
Blessing names:
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes:  Common round
Description of blessings and Annie: 
A cross between a labrador and poodle, 
labradoodles are a smart and friendly speices!
Bred for the intelligence of the labrador and 
the low shedding fur of the poodle,
this species makes for a very good allergy-friendly guide dog.

This Annie was blessed by a labradoodle with a chocolate coloured coat -
giving them the rich brown colour in their hair. 
Their short and wavy hair also 
resembles the fluffy fur of the labradoodle! 

Optional Personality: 
Do not feed chocolate to dogs!
Blessed by a chocolate labradoodle,
this Annie owns a chocolate laboratory where
they use their sharp nose to create
the most delicious chocolates the world has ever seen.
Despite their dog blessing,
they thankfully are able to consume chocolate without it harming them!
They are able to create custom chocolates and sweets suited for any customer's tastes,
and during holiday seasons it's very hard to get custom chocolates from their shop!

Some people find it a bit morbid that a dog-blessed Annie makes chocolate,
but word on the street is that this Annie can use their sharp nose
to craft the most indistinguishable poisons as well.
Be careful of what you sample in their lab when they're not looking!

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berrymage's avatar
I absolutely love the colors in this (greens and browns are my faves, especially combined!) but now I'm...really craving chocolate, ahaha...
cute design, nice work!
Starlipop's avatar
Thank you so much! I'm glad the design makes you crave chocolate hoho~ kaomoji set 2 28/67 
I hope you get chocolates soon!!
JapanZelda's avatar
Haaaaan, what a lovely dog! I wanna bake some cake with him!
Starlipop's avatar
Thank you! I hope you get a chance to bake with this Annie! kaomoji set 2 67/67 
Vixiestixs's avatar
This is super cute and has me drooling, I love chocolate. bear drool emoji 
Starlipop's avatar
Thank you! Chocolate is very tasty~ Llama Emoji 35 (Desire or Want Something) [V2] 
LadyMegami's avatar
Oh my gosh,this is one is so cute and I love the fact this one can make custom chocolate and owns a factory. What's his name?
Starlipop's avatar
Thank you! I'm flattered you like the description! > w <
I'm not too sure if his owners have named him yet!
Starlipop's avatar
morganjaadee's avatar
this is gorgeous! i absolutely adore the colours! x
Starlipop's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you like the colours~
tippisuu's avatar
[-ai- ROMANCE] Light Pink Heart Bullet by Gasara Starlipop, you have done it once again!
this is such a beautiful annie!
i really love your transitioning highlights from light to shadow!
your way of coloring brown is so magical! :heart:
Starlipop's avatar
Thank you Charm ♥
xXDumbBeanzXx's avatar
Starlipop's avatar
Aspintacular's avatar
Ahhh he is so cute!!
Starlipop's avatar
Thank you~! kaomoji set 2 18/67 
I love him he IS TOO CUTE STARLI
Starlipop's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad you like him~
Ethii's avatar

He's not my usual style but I honestly couldn't be happier about my new son and to finally have a design from you 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 //spams you with love
Starlipop's avatar
Thank you! Let me know if you would like any edits ♥
Ethii's avatar
He's perfect 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
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