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Annielender 2018 Day | 11

Day |11
White Pomeranian by AnniverseStash
Blessing names:
How many Blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes:  Common round
Description of blessings and Annie: 
Pomeranian's are a miniature version of our common spitz dog. Their origin can be found in England around 800-century,
since queen Victoria had her interest in these adorable little fur balls and started a kennel to breed Pomeranians.
They have been very popular in England and spread everywhere ever since.  Pomeranian charms with its thick fur, adorable fluffy tail and small compact size,
no wonder they are one of the most commonly owned dogs. Because Pomeranians love companions they wont leave you for a long while. 

Optional Personality: 
This Annie loves to hang around other Annies and loves to walk in the nature with friends, as naturally they wont leave far from home. 
This Annie's blessing affects her growth which makes her a bit shorter from others, but it doesn't bother this little fella as shes pretty popular among others! 
She has a lot of friends she likes to spend her time with. You might think that her smaller size is an obstacle for her,
 but she can certainly defend for herself as well as others! Shes a Pomeranian after all.

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Mrsmilly030407's avatar
SHe is so beautiful !!!!
LadyMegami's avatar
What the name of this Annie? I can't find her on the masterlist.
Cammiio's avatar
Hi Megami! 

This annie hasn’t been named yet o/

pink heart 
Puppypaww's avatar
aaa this design is so adorable !! /// .:Bunny love:. 
Squishibear's avatar
aaa thanks so much ; o ; ♥
zanyonepip's avatar
It's like a Annie re-imagining of Fluffle Puff.
Hifurochi's avatar
Valyriana  - You have improve lots and this is one of your beautiful-est work of all TOT ♥ keep it up! ♥
Squishibear's avatar
thanks so much ; /// ; i wish i had more time to draw on this style often but i rarely do and just do very simple work, tho its sometimes fun to put more effort in art that takes many days to complete ; v ;d
anathehedgehog6's avatar
awww so cute 😍😍
Squishibear's avatar
waah thank u so much! ♥
XmariposaX's avatar
She reminds me of the clouds.
Small Floating Cloud - F2U! 
Squishibear's avatar
aww ; v ; thankies
NicoleDrawsAnime's avatar
I declare this one to be my absolute favorite!!! :D
Squishibear's avatar
aww thank u so so much, means a lot ♥
Squishibear's avatar
thehe thankss >v<
Xenaheliodor's avatar
You're welcome!! x3
Griff141's avatar
aww lovely and bright
Squishibear's avatar
thanks a lot ♥
pujiantorestu67's avatar
so cute ❤ until I want to hug, she looks fluffy ❤
Squishibear's avatar
aww thank u so much ; //;
Cammiio's avatar
This annie design is absolutely adorable, Valy!<33
I love how floofy she is, she’d be perfect for the winter weather xD

Love Tards 
Squishibear's avatar
thank u so so much ♥ and i hope that she would stay warm for cold weather xD
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