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Annie of Day 22 White Crane + SnowDrop+ Sugar Cane

  Bells by Yamio 
DAY 22 - White Crane + SnowDrop + Sugar Cane 
      Flat,1000x1000,075,f by Yamio  Snow-Drop-Color-Meaning by Yamio  Sugarcane-juice-625 625x350 61453876526 by Yamio 

Annie blessings:
What kind: White Crane + SnowDrop + Sugar Cane 
Eye traits: Glowing Pupils
Rarity: Super Rare
About: White/snow crane is most noticeable due to their pure white plumage.
It has a very long necked and is a very graceful bird. Did you know that when they are born, they have pale blue eyes, but as they grow older, their eyes change color to yellow!
They can also reach a height of whole 140cm! The White crane movements are often studied to learn how to master different kind of material arts better.~

SnowDrop is a "winter" flower but it is actually an representation of Spring's arrival.
It is the symbol of
 consolation and hope, purity and cleansing. SnowDrops can actually be used to treat Alzheimer's disease!
However sadly they are an endangered flower due to humans destroying their habitat, making Snow drops decrease in number for each year.
But this Annie will do her best to protect her precious blessing!

Sugar cane is a grass species that can grow up to almost 20ft in height!
It was an unknown crop at first but due to its large quantity of sugar production, it is now the world's largest crop production~
An average person consumes up to 120 pounds of sugar a year!
Many different kinds of kinds of sugary products can be made from this special plant!

A light green and white theme is perfect to represent her gentle blessings all together.
Showing off her beautiful purely white wings and gradient green hair is something many feel jealous over.
Her beauty makes everyone turn her head, despite her gentle nature.
Some small star accessories to break of from the modest theme is a nice addition. :petalsbullet: 
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adorabel's avatar
I love the colours, is this girl for sale? as I'd love to purchase if she is. ^^
Yamio's avatar
d0nuti's avatar
The drawing is so cute!!! The colors are so cute! The character design itself is so cute! The whole thing is so cute!
Yamio's avatar
Myuuna's avatar
ahh she's so adororable, I Love the colours and the blessings are all so adorable and perfect together Sueweetie you did a great job on this! <33
Yamio's avatar
Whaaa yuuuh! She surely did! ♥♥♥
Berryzem's avatar
It's almost like the stars are little sugar cookies X3 she's so pretty. I'm in love with the color palette~
Yamio's avatar
Same!!! For me it feels like she is truly glowing! ♥
JapanZelda's avatar
Han cutie pie, she's just adorable!
Yamio's avatar
Surely is! //V// <3333
rce-ordinary's avatar
this is so gorgeous!
Yamio's avatar
Yuh yuh! //V/// <3333
Ayakotato's avatar
She is so pretty GOSH I love her wings and hair aah ;W; 
All these Annies are so beautiful hnnn I love them ! <3333
Yamio's avatar
So looks so angel-like! ♥
Miichia's avatar
So beautiful, so pure. I love that flower and how she's designed is super accurate! 
Yamio's avatar
YUUUH!! Love the design so much <33333
MuBlanche's avatar
Im so behind omg i am so sorry but I have been eyeing EVERY adopt that has come out each day and seriously they are all so beautiful! This one is superbly cute and Sueweetie did an excellent job ;A;///

Ahhh I cant wait to see the next days ;;w;; <333
Yamio's avatar
IT´s fine! I could barley keep up myself ahaha *HUFF HUFF* ♥
So glad you like all of them! //V/// <33333
Trashochist's avatar
Her designsis beautiful ><
i love her hair gradient
Yamio's avatar
YUH YUH! Same! //V// <333
Candy-Meow's avatar
aaa she is amazing, gorgeous  <3333
I really love the colors aaa <33
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