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Annie of Day 18 Ermine and Vanilla orchid

  Bells by Yamio 
DAY 18 - Ermine and Vanilla orchid 
    Desktop-1424899497 by Yamio  vanillaOrchid by Yamio 

Annie blessings:
What kind: Ermine and Vanilla orchid
Eye traits: Normal pupils
Rarity: Uncommon & Endangered
About: Despite their small size and cute lookings, Ermines are very skilled hunters. They can hunt animals that are double their size!
Their long body and white furs allows them to mix perfectly with the snowy landscape. Their fur changes on winter from brown to white but the tip of their tails will always maintain its characteristic black spot.
Ermines have been cruelly hunted along the history to make pelvises and jackets out of their soft fur. While this practice has become something rare in the present, they're not totally safe yet.

Did you know Vanilla is in fact an orchid? In order for it to achieve a high quality aroma the vanilla plant must be cultivated during a long time and with lots of care. It's a very sensible plant!
It brings a lovely aroma and taste with it. Pure Vanilla food usually have some small black spots in it.
If you see that, then you know the Vanilla is of high quality. ♥

Fluffs on her head, dress, neck and boots to make her design match the wintery weather. The lacey poncho allows her to be warm and move freely at the same time. And some Vanilla flowers coming out of her earmuffs. This cutie has a delicate health just like vanilla, but she loves to play outside in the snow for hours (bet you can't beat her playing hide and seek, hehe). orchid and leafs l 
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Rina did a good job!! ♥
kenta24's avatar
cottonch33s3cak3kit's avatar
<3 she's so pretty/adorable
Yamio's avatar
Yuh yuh! /V/// Rina did great! ♥
Berryzem's avatar
The ears are so precious, awwwwwh >.<. My goodness, so many lovely smelling Annies! X3. I really like the socks/leggings too. The designs on them are a nice touch.
Yamio's avatar
EEEP They are!! 
Yuuuh many use their blessings as perfume/fragrance if they can ehehe ♥
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HAAAAAAAN, blblblblbl, this one is just lovely! I love the color so bad, that's amazing. ><
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I love the colour scheme too <3333
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I love the flowers on her
Yamio's avatar
The flowers are adorbs!! ♥
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It says "Snowfox and Cinnamon tree", I don't think thats what she is though?
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Fixed it! 
It can happen when I schedule many posts at once haha //V//;
IllusoryQuixot's avatar
Well I'm glad I caught it then! :D
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She is really adorable 
Yamio's avatar
SHE IS! SO PROUD OF RINA!! //V/// <3333
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she's so cute!! Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] 
Yamio's avatar
She is she is! //V/// ♥♥♥
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