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Annie Day 24 Yeti, Camellia flower and Reindeer

  Bells by Yamio 
DAY 24 - Yeti, Camellia flower & Reindeer
        37629e3cab54a603fd8a76a1824c3d24 by Yamio   Pink-camellia-melissa-breeland by Yamio  Reindeer In Winter Forest Ruka-kuusamo by Yamio   

Annie blessings:
What kind: Yeti, Camellia flower & Reindeer
Eye traits: Glowing Camellia Pupils
Rarity: Mythical 
About: The mythical Yeti is a sight not many has seen. And those who have are usually not believed. 
There is scientific evidence though that they yeti did exist once upon a time, and that it was related to a prehistoric bear, not ape!  
It´s known for it´s huge size and enormous strength. Some people have called calm, some full of anger. Maybe both. It´s a creature of Nature after all.Bear Emoji-04 (Shy) [V1]

Camellia flower grows high up in the mountains! Also known as the eastern Rose. 
It´s petals is used tea while the seeds can be used to make oil. 
The oil is one of the most important ingredients used for millions of people when it comes to cooking! It´s also great to help you grow long healthy hair. ♥

Reindeer is an animal with an widespread population who sadly is closed to become extinct! 
Both male and female reindeers grow antlers, but males' are usually bigger. 
Their horns are the 2nd biggest in the world next to the Moose.
Size of the antlers play a huge part in the hierarchy of the group.
They have been used by many to pull sleds and pulks for transportation in the wintry landscapes. 
Providing humans and Annie alike with great comfortability! Reindeer 

Her huge coat, provided with fluff and warmth from her Yeti blessing.
Alongside the beautiful embroidery of her Camellia flower which she also decided to put as a decoration on her Reindeer horns.
This Annie likes to live in solitude and provide great comfort for the nature around her.
To never startle anyone, she wears big bells so every spirit and living thing, know that she is coming.
Tall shoes to stay just above the snow and Camellian eyes to show her connection.
This Annie is one with nature. rose 
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your designs are so unique >///////<
Yamio's avatar
Awww Thank you! ///V// ♥
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Nice work. How's things going?
Yamio's avatar
Thankies so much!! ♥
Alright huff huff! ♥
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Jellyfishbubblez's avatar
Simply and absolutely gorgeous! ;v;
I adore the different blessings especially the Yeti one! ^u^
She truly gives off a mythical vibe, the whole her has a radiating beauty.
Stunning work as always Yamis! :heart: :heart: :heart:
Yamio's avatar
Glad you like the Yeti blessing /////
EEEEP <3333
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omg I love this design!! She looks so elegant and graceful like royalty Love 
Yamio's avatar
Whaaaa thank you! //V///// YUH YUH!! ♥
Tengurius's avatar
So beautiful and graceful...I love it!
Miku Love [V1] 
Yamio's avatar
Thankies so much!! ♥
AzureRat's avatar
Such softness~
Yamio's avatar
Thankies!! ♥
Suki-Belle's avatar
Oh wow .... such a beautiful character! :wow:
I love her design, it's so very festive! She looks so graceful, and the soft colours really match the season :heart:
She's so beautiful, I love how you've decorated her antlers! :heart: :love:
I hope you had a weonderful Christmas! :hug:
Yamio's avatar
Whaaaa so glad you like it!
Thank you so much! It was actually really hard to decide the colours and if they were wintery enough Q^Q 
Hope the same for you! ♥
UndertaleFanatic117's avatar
Awww such a kawaii chibi drawing
Yamio's avatar
Thankies!! ♥
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Ah you forgot a ribbon on her left food o.o but its really adorable <3
Yamio's avatar
I like asymmetrical designs more. It was intentional. 
Thank you! //V// ♥
Frostsang's avatar
aaah sorry i am so sorry yamio-chan >////< i didn´t know that 
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Absolutely adore the colors and design. She looks like a graceful Christmas goddess. So beautiful!
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